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Computer Discussion Forums
Comp. Groups Description Posts
Comp. Lang. Java. Databases
Databases, java.sql, JDBC, ODBC. 33,346
Comp. Lang. Java. Developer
Comp Lang Java Developer 2,844
Comp. Lang. Java. Gui
GUI toolkits and windowing: AWT, IFC etc. 66,160
Comp. Lang. Java. Help
Set-up problems, catch-all first aid. 198,785
Comp. Lang. Java. Javascript
Comp Lang Java Javascript 1,923
Comp. Lang. Java. Machine
JVM, native methods, hardware. 4,857
Comp. Lang. Java. Misc
Comp Lang Java Misc 1,874
Comp. Lang. Java. Programmer
Programming in the Java language. 663,215
Comp. Lang. Javascript
Netscape Communications Corp.'s JavaScript language. 469,094
Comp. Lang. Java. Security
Security issues raised by Java. 7,587
Comp. Lang. Java. Setup
Comp Lang Java Setup 671
Comp. Lang. Java. Softwaretools
IDEs, browsers, compilers, other tools. 8,316
Comp. Lang. Java. Tech
Comp Lang Java Tech 275
Comp. Lang. Labview
Labview Software Discussion Group. 589,053
Comp. Lang. Limbo
The Inferno OS's Limbo programming language. 276
Comp. Lang. Lisp
Discussion about LISP. 637,143
Comp. Lang. Lisp. Franz
Comp Lang Lisp Franz 452
Comp. Lang. Lisp. Mcl
Discussing Apple's Macintosh Common Lisp. 244
Comp. Lang. Lisp. X
Comp Lang Lisp X 678
Comp. Lang. Logo
The Logo teaching and learning language. 10,463
Comp. Lang. Misc
Different computer languages not specifically listed. 83,302
Comp. Lang. Ml
ML languages including Standard ML, CAML, Lazy ML, etc. (Moderated) 4,235
Comp. Lang. Modula2
Discussion about Modula-2. 11,914
Comp. Lang. Modula3
Discussion about the Modula-3 language. 1,820
Comp. Lang. Mumps
The M (MUMPS) language & technology, in general. 11,887
Comp. Lang. Oberon
The Oberon language and system. 9,570
Comp. Lang. Objective - C
The Objective-C language and environment. 13,678
Comp. Lang. Pascal
Comp Lang Pascal 7,132
Comp. Lang. Pascal. Ansi - Iso
Pascal according to ANSI and ISO standards. 1,903
Comp. Lang. Pascal. Borland
Borland's Pascal. 11,492

46,805,327 Posts in 1,002 Comp Groups

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