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Computer Discussion Forums
Comp. Groups Description Posts
Comp. Cad. Solidworks
SolidWorks newsgroup. 227,506
Comp. Cad. Synthesis
Research and production in the field of logic synthesis. 1,051
Comp. Client - Server
Topics relating to client/server technology. 1,250
Comp. Cog - Eng
Cognitive engineering. 1,738
Comp. Compilers
Compiler construction, theory, etc. (Moderated) 42,258
Comp. Compilers. Lcc
The lcc C Compiler and related topics. 5,402
Comp. Compilers. Tools. Javacc
The Java Compiler Compiler and related topics. 1,258
Comp. Compilers. Tools. Pccts
Construction of compilers and tools with PCCTS. 314
Comp. Compression
Data compression algorithms and theory. 112,452
Comp. Data. Administration
Manage data as a corporate asset: stds & methds. 382
Comp. Database
Comp Database 363
Comp. Database. Ms - Access
Comp Database Ms Access 2,533
Comp. Database. Ms - Sqlserver
Comp Database Ms Sqlserver 159
Comp. Database. Oracle
Comp Database Oracle 1,703
Comp. Database. Oracle. Server
Comp Database Oracle Server 126
Comp. Databases
Database and data management issues and theory. 86,970
Comp. Databases. Adabas
ADABAS Database topics in general. 372
Comp. Databases. Berkeley - Db
The Berkeley DB libraries. 5,046
Comp. Databases. Btrieve
Pervasive Software client/server development. 3,049
Comp. Databases. Filemaker
Technical discussions about FileMaker. 263,020
Comp. Databases. Gupta
Gupta SQLWindows client-server development. 474
Comp. Databases. Ibm - Db2
Problem resolution with DB2 database products. 191,664
Comp. Databases. Informix
Informix database management software discussions. 142,579
Comp. Databases. Ingres
Issues relating to INGRES products. 49,178
Comp. Databases. Ms - Access
MS Windows' relational database system, Access. 619,421
Comp. Databases. Ms - Sqlserver
Microsoft's SQL Server and related products. 146,243
Comp. Databases. Mysql
MySQL RDBMS technical discussions. 158,317
Comp. Databases. Object
Object-oriented paradigms in database systems. 2,309
Comp. Databases. Olap
Analytical Processing, Multidimensional DBMS, EIS, DSS. 3,085
Comp. Databases. Oracle
Comp Databases Oracle 6,170

46,805,327 Posts in 1,002 Comp Groups

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