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Computer Discussion Forums
Comp. Groups Description Posts
Comp. Edu
Computer science education. 7,150
Comp. Edu. Composition
Comp Edu Composition 278
Comp. Edu. Languages. Natural
Computer assisted languages instruction issues. 208
Comp. Emacs
EMACS editors of different flavors. 77,969
Comp. Emacs. Xemacs
Bug reports, questions and answers about XEmacs. 21,935
Comp. Emulators. Apple2
Emulators of Apple // systems. 7,260
Comp. Emulators. Cbm
Emulators of C-64, C-128, PET, and VIC-20 systems. 4,195
Comp. Emulators. Freemware
Open source PC Virtualisation software. 105
Comp. Emulators. Game - Consoles
Emulators of game console systems. 795
Comp. Emulators. Mac. Executor
ARDI's Mac emulator, Executor. 139
Comp. Emulators. Misc
Emulators of miscellaneous computer systems. 1,241
Comp. Emulators. Ms - Windows. Wine
A free MS-Windows emulator under X. 33,854
Comp. Fonts
Typefonts -- design, conversion, use, etc. 71,686
Comp. Forsale
Comp Forsale 1,189
Comp. Forsale. Computer
Comp Forsale Computer 811
Comp. Forsale. Computers
Comp Forsale Computers 1,614
Comp. Forsale. Computers. Mac
Comp Forsale Computers Mac 178
Comp. Forsale. Computers. Pc - Specific. Portables
Comp Forsale Computers Pc Specific Portables 225
Comp. Forsale. Computers. Wanted
Comp Forsale Computers Wanted 312
Comp. Forsale. Computres
Comp Forsale Computres 125
Comp. Forsale. Hardware
Comp Forsale Hardware 791
Comp. Games. Development. Art
Creative use of visual art in games. 589
Comp. Games. Development. Audio
Music, sound, speech production. 460
Comp. Games. Development. Design
Designing gameplay and rules systems. 7,580
Comp. Games. Development. Industry
Biz news, project management, jobs. 2,167
Comp. Games. Development. Programming. Algorithms
Abstract algorithms for games. 5,639
Comp. Games. Development. Programming. Misc
General info on programming games. 20,138
Comp. Graphics
Comp Graphics 17,142
Comp. Graphics. Algorithms
Algorithms used in producing computer graphics. 62,182
Comp. Graphics. Api. Inventor
Object-oriented 3D graphics in Inventor. 1,233

44,997,678 Posts in 1,002 Comp Groups

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