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Computer Discussion Forums
Comp. Groups Description Posts
Comp. Graphics. Api. Misc
Application Programmer Interface issues, methods. 353
Comp. Graphics. Api. Opengl
The OpenGL 3D application programming interface. 70,018
Comp. Graphics. Api. Pexlib
The PEXlib application programming interface. 194
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Alias
3-D graphics software from Alias Research. 2,559
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Avs
The Application Visualization System. 253
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Cinema4d
3D modeling, animation and raytracing package. 1,041
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Corel
Corel graphics software applications. 2,335
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Freehand
Questions, answers, tips and suggestions. 434
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Gimp
The GNU Image Manipulation Program. 33,194
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Gnuplot
The gnuplot interactive function plotter. 39,636
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Iris - Explorer
The IRIS Explorer, aka MVE. 133
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Irisexplorer
Comp Graphics Apps Irisexplorer 147
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Lightwave
NewTek's Lightwave3D & related topics. 68,277
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Pagemaker
Question, answers, tips and suggestions. 3,365
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Paint - Shop - Pro
Paint Shop Pro in general. 84,016
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop techniques & help. 159,367
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Softimage
Softimage applications and products. 537
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Ulead
Ulead graphics software products. 3,003
Comp. Graphics. Apps. Wavefront
Wavefront software products, problems, etc. 269
Comp. Graphics. Misc
Computer graphics miscellany. 3,958
Comp. Graphics. Opengl
Comp Graphics Opengl 116
Comp. Graphics. Packages. 3dstudio
Autodesk's 3D Studio software. 76,890
Comp. Graphics. Rendering. Misc
Rendering comparisons, approaches, methods. 386
Comp. Graphics. Rendering. Raytracing
Raytracing software, tools and methods. 1,749
Comp. Graphics. Rendering. Renderman
RenderMan interface & shading language. 2,352
Comp. Graphics. Visualization
Info on scientific visualization. 4,033
Comp. Groupware
Software & hardware for shared interactive environments. 1,454
Comp. Groupware. Groupwise
Novell's Groupwise product (Wordperfect Office). 776
Comp. Groupware. Lotus - Notes
Comp Groupware Lotus Notes 592
Comp. Groupware. Lotus - Notes. Admin
Lotus Notes system administration. 8,864

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