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Computer Discussion Forums
Comp. Groups Description Posts
Comp. Internet
Comp Internet 150
Comp. Internet. Library
Discussing electronic libraries. (Moderated) 136
Comp. Internet. Net - Happenings
Comp Internet Net Happenings 1,017
Comp. Internet. Services. Blog. Livejournal
LJ blogging service and software. 142
Comp. Internet. Services. Google
Search, Gmail, Groups, Maps, Picasa, etc. 1,625
Comp. Internet. Services. Video. Youtube
Internet video for the masses. 320
Comp. Internet. Services. Wiki
Wikis, such as Wikipedia. 158
Comp. Ivideodisc
Interactive videodiscs -- uses, potential, etc. 779
Comp. Jobs
Comp Jobs 602,565
Comp. Jobs. Comp. Jobs. Computer
Comp Jobs Comp Jobs Computer 126
Comp. Jobs. Computer
Comp Jobs Computer 263,640
Comp. Jobs. Computers
Comp Jobs Computers 270,108
Comp. Jobs. Contract
Comp Jobs Contract 158,234
Comp. Jobs. Misc
Comp Jobs Misc 26,449
Comp. Jobs. Offered
Comp Jobs Offered 250,420
Comp. Jobs. Offered. Entry
Comp Jobs Offered Entry 125
Comp. Jobs. Programming
Comp Jobs Programming 291
Comp. Lang. Ada
Discussion about Ada*. 448,639
Comp. Lang. Apl
Discussion about APL. 53,311
Comp. Lang. Asm
Comp Lang Asm 428
Comp. Lang. Asm370
Programming in IBM System/370 Assembly Language. 6,129
Comp. Lang. Asm. X86
Bulletin Board and Q&A for x86 assembly language topics. (Moderated) 129,679
Comp. Lang. Awk
The AWK programming language. 49,244
Comp. Lang. Basic
Comp Lang Basic 386
Comp. Lang. Basic. Misc
Other dialects and aspects of BASIC. 16,673
Comp. Lang. Basic. Powerbasic
PowerBasic Inc. programming languages. 3,514
Comp. Lang. Basic. Realbasic
REALBasic programming discussion. 22,832
Comp. Lang. Basic. Visual
Comp Lang Basic Visual 13,299
Comp. Lang. Basic. Visual. 3rdparty
Add-ins for Visual Basic. 1,023
Comp. Lang. Basic. Visual. Database
Database aspects of Visual Basic. 10,379

46,805,327 Posts in 1,002 Comp Groups

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