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Miscellaneous Discussion Forums
Misc. Groups Description Posts
Misc. Kids. Moderated
Parenting questions, ideas, and experiences. (Moderated) 5,343
Misc. Kids. Pregnancy
Pre-pregnancy planning, pregnancy, childbirth. 152,699
Misc. Kids. Vacation
Discussion on all forms of family-oriented vacationing. 722
Misc. Legal
Legalities and the ethics of law. 377,965
Misc. Legal. Computing
Discussing the legal climate of the computing world. 3,387
Misc. Legal. Moderated
All aspects of law. (Moderated) 52,037
Misc. Metric - System
The International System of Units. 4,418
Misc. Misc
Various discussions not fitting in any other group. 85,347
Misc. Misc. Misc. Jobs. Misc
Misc Misc Misc Jobs Misc 324
Misc. News
Misc News 108
Misc. News. Internet. Discuss
Discussion of news bulletins from the Net. 294,251
Misc. News. Southasia
Misc News Southasia 160
Misc. Offered. Jobs
Misc Offered Jobs 307
Misc. Phone. Mobile
Cellular telephones. 148
Misc. Phone. Mobile. Iphone
Apple's iPhone. 258,825
Misc. Rural
Devoted to issues concerning rural living. 250,628
Misc. Survivalism
Disaster and long-term survival techniques and theory. 329,329
Misc. Taxes
Tax laws and advice. 247,642
Misc. Taxes. Moderated
Tax professionals meeting place and answers to queries. (Moderated) 81,552
Misc. Test. Moderated
Testing of posting to moderated groups. (Moderated) 231
Misc. Transport
Misc Transport 104
Misc. Transport. Air - Industry
Airlines, airports, commercial aircraft. (Moderated) 5,255
Misc. Transport. Marine
Maritime and inland waterways transportation. 2,985
Misc. Transport. Misc
General transportation issues. 2,312
Misc. Transport. Rail
Misc Transport Rail 168
Misc. Transport. Rail. Americas
Railroads & railways in North & South America. 145,254
Misc. Transport. Rail. Australia - Nz
Railways in Australia & New Zealand. 6,142
Misc. Transport. Rail. Europe
Railroads & railways in all of Europe. 33,217
Misc. Transport. Rail. Misc
Rail issues not in other geographic groups. 3,447
Misc. Transport. Trucking
Commercial trucking related issues. 156,563

7,660,728 Posts in 212 Misc Groups

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