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Recreation Discussion Forums
Rec. Groups Description Posts
Rec. Arts. Bodyart
Tattoos and body decoration discussions. 50,774
Rec. Arts. Bonsai
Dwarfish trees and shrubbery. 23,915
Rec. Arts. Books
Books of all genres, and the publishing industry. 407,872
Rec. Arts. Books. Childrens
All aspects of children's literature. 33,189
Rec. Arts. Books. Collecting
Rec Arts Books Collecting 126
Rec. Arts. Books. Excerpts
Online book excerpts. (Moderated) 576
Rec. Arts. Books. Hist - Fiction
Historical fictions (novels) in general. 1,482
Rec. Arts. Books. Marketplace
Buying and selling of books. 84,574
Rec. Arts. Books. Reviews
Book reviews. (Moderated) 153
Rec. Arts. Books. Tolkien
The works of J.R.R. Tolkien. 212,596
Rec. Arts. Cinema
Rec Arts Cinema 176
Rec. Arts. Comics
Rec Arts Comics 516
Rec. Arts. Comics. Alternative
Rec Arts Comics Alternative 562
Rec. Arts. Comics. Creative
Comics-related original creative writing. (Moderated) 18,938
Rec. Arts. Comics. Dc. Lsh
The Legion of Super-Heroes and related characters. 7,149
Rec. Arts. Comics. Dc. Universe
DC Comics' shared universe and characters. 410,535
Rec. Arts. Comics. Dc. Vertigo
Comics from the Vertigo imprint. 4,023
Rec. Arts. Comics. Elfquest
The Elfquest universe and characters. 534
Rec. Arts. Comics. European
Rec Arts Comics European 125
Rec. Arts. Comics. Info
Reviews, convention information and other comics news. (Moderated) 905
Rec. Arts. Comics. Marketplace
The exchange of comics and comic related items. 62,628
Rec. Arts. Comics. Marvel. Universe
Marvel Comics' shared universe and characters. 715,730
Rec. Arts. Comics. Marvel. Xbooks
The Mutant Universe of Marvel Comics. 91,358
Rec. Arts. Comics. Misc
Comic books, graphic novels, sequential art. 69,556
Rec. Arts. Comics. Other - Media
Rec Arts Comics Other Media 770
Rec. Arts. Comics. Reviews
Reviews of comics and comics-related materials. (Moderated) 2,156
Rec. Arts. Comics. Strips
Discussion of short-form comics. 573,155
Rec. Arts. Dance
Any aspects of dance not covered in another newsgroup. 109,479
Rec. Arts. Disney
Rec Arts Disney 190
Rec. Arts. Disney. Misc
General topics pertinent to the Disney Company. 1,218

92,353,984 Posts in 877 Rec Groups

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