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Recreation Discussion Forums
Rec. Groups Description Posts
Rec. Arts. Disney. Parks
Parks, resorts, dining, attractions, vacations. 572,398
Rec. Arts. Drwho
Discussion about Dr. Who. 1,721,723
Rec. Arts. Drwho. Info
Information about Doctor Who. (Moderated) 116
Rec. Arts. Drwho. Moderated
Discussion of "Doctor Who". (Moderated) 164,633
Rec. Arts. Erotica
Erotic fiction and verse. (Moderated) 1,130
Rec. Arts. Fine
Fine arts & artists. 239,739
Rec. Arts. Horror. Marketplace
All horror-related commercial messages. 3,565
Rec. Arts. Horror. Misc
The horror genre in miscellaneous media. 797
Rec. Arts. Horror. Movies
The horror genre in movies. 29,550
Rec. Arts. Horror. Written
The horror genre in written form. 6,456
Rec. Arts. Int - Fiction
Discussions about interactive fiction. 257,098
Rec. Arts. Manga
All aspects of the Japanese storytelling art form. 7,274
Rec. Arts. Marching. Band. College
College marching bands. 3,863
Rec. Arts. Marching. Band. High - School
High school marching bands. 7,291
Rec. Arts. Marching. Colorguard
Competitive color guard activity. 22,191
Rec. Arts. Marching. Drumcorps
Drum and bugle corps. 415,622
Rec. Arts. Marching. Misc
Marching-related performance activities. 896
Rec. Arts. Marching. Percussion
Marching percussion. 1,609
Rec. Arts. Misc
Discussions about the arts not in other groups. 1,999
Rec. Arts. Movies. Current - Films
The latest movie releases. 1,478,232
Rec. Arts. Movies. Erotic
Rec Arts Movies Erotic 166
Rec. Arts. Movies. Erotica
Aspects of erotic films and videos. (Moderated) 93,939
Rec. Arts. Movies. International
Non-American art films. 2,643
Rec. Arts. Movies. Local. Indian
Indian movies and the Indian film industry. 57,656
Rec. Arts. Movies. Misc
General aspects of movies not covered by other groups. 6,139
Rec. Arts. Movies. Movie - Going
Going-to-movies experiences. 920
Rec. Arts. Movies. Past - Films
Past movies. 759,015
Rec. Arts. Movies. People
People in the movie business. 1,340
Rec. Arts. Movies. Production
Filmmaking, amateur and professional. 28,331
Rec. Arts. Movies. Production. Sound
Movie, TV & Video sound. 214,172

93,185,900 Posts in 877 Rec Groups

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