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Science Discussion Forums
Sci. Groups Description Posts
Sci. Engr. Mining
Mining engineering and mining technical topics. 2,180
Sci. Engrnaries. Erotica. Fettish
Sci Engrnaries Erotica Fettish 0
Sci. Engr. Safety
All aspects of the safety of engineered systems. 0
Sci. Engr. Semiconductors
Semiconductor devices, processes, materials, physics. 0
Sci. Engr. Surveying
Measurement and mapping of the earth surface. 3,569
Sci. Engr. Television. Broadcast
Broadcast facility equipment and practices. 2,911
Sci. Enviornment
Sci Enviornment 1,657
Sci. Environment
Discussions about the environment and ecology. 899,271
Sci. Environment. Waste
Impact of Wastes and Waste Management Methods. 2,833
Sci. Geo
Sci Geo 131
Sci. Geo. Cartography
Maps, grids, coordinates, projections, datums. 1,843
Sci. Geo. Earthquakes
For discussion of earthquakes and related matters. 47,998
Sci. Geo. Eos
NASA's Earth Observation System (EOS). 669
Sci. Geo. Fluids
Discussion of geophysical fluid dynamics. 1,781
Sci. Geo. Geology
Discussion of solid earth sciences. 100,944
Sci. Geo. Hydrology
Surface and groundwater hydrology. 0
Sci. Geo. Meteorology
Discussion of meteorology and related topics. 0
Sci. Geo. Mineralogy
Mineralogy, rock hounding and related topics. 2,366
Sci. Geo. Oceanography
Oceanography, oceanology and marine science. 4,185
Sci. Geo. Petroleum
All aspects of petroleum and the petroleum industry. 6,902
Sci. Geo. Satellite - Nav
Satellite navigation systems, especially GPS. 96,317
Sci. Image. Processing
Scientific image processing and analysis. 20,855
Sci. Lang
Natural languages, communication, etc. 610,541
Sci. Lang. Japan
The Japanese language, both spoken and written. 164,496
Sci. Lang. Translation
Problems and concerns of translators/interpreters. 42,319
Sci. Lang. Translation. Marketplace
Professional translators' marketplace. 2,850
Sci. Life - Extension
Slowing, stopping or reversing the ageing process. 97,066
Sci. Logic
Logic -- math, philosophy & computational aspects. 1,624,507
Sci. Materials
All aspects of materials engineering. 14,902
Sci. Materials. Ceramics
Ceramic science. 967

16,252,731 Posts in 215 Sci Groups

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