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Talk. Groups Description Posts
Talk. Politics. Peace
Talk Politics Peace 990
Talk. Politics. Soviet
Discussion of Soviet politics, domestic and foreign. 3,128
Talk. Politics. Space
Talk Politics Space 155
Talk. Politics. Theory
Theory of politics and political systems. 25,743
Talk. Politics. Tibet
The politics of Tibet and the Tibetan people. 151,048
Talk. Politics. Usa
Talk Politics Usa 51,360
Talk. Politics. Usa. Constitution
Talk Politics Usa Constitution 329
Talk. Rape
Discussions on stopping rape; not to be crossposted. 48,237
Talk. Religion
Talk Religion 14,557
Talk. Religion. Bahai
Discussion of the Baha'i Faith. 111,105
Talk. Religion. Buddhism
All aspects of Buddhism as religion and philosophy. 190,620
Talk. Religion. Christian
Talk Religion Christian 2,125
Talk. Religion. Christian. Anglican
Talk Religion Christian Anglican 386
Talk. Religion. Christian. Jehovah - Witness
Talk Religion Christian Jehovah Witness 4,221
Talk. Religion. Christian. Mormon
Talk Religion Christian Mormon 179
Talk. Religion. Christian. Orthodox
Talk Religion Christian Orthodox 647
Talk. Religion. Christian. Orthodox. Greek
Talk Religion Christian Orthodox Greek 201
Talk. Religion. Christian. Orthodox. Misc
Talk Religion Christian Orthodox Misc 151
Talk. Religion. Christian. Orthodox. Russian
Talk Religion Christian Orthodox Russian 134
Talk. Religion. Christian. Protestant. Adventist
Talk Religion Christian Protestant Adventist 508
Talk. Religion. Christian. Protestant. Baptist
Talk Religion Christian Protestant Baptist 702
Talk. Religion. Christian. Protestant. Lutheran
Talk Religion Christian Protestant Lutheran 105
Talk. Religion. Christian. Protestant. Methodist
Talk Religion Christian Protestant Methodist 158
Talk. Religion. Christian. Protestant. Pentecostal
Talk Religion Christian Protestant Pentecostal 162
Talk. Religion. Christian. Protestant. Presbyterian
Talk Religion Christian Protestant Presbyterian 135
Talk. Religion. Christian. Protestant. Unitarian
Talk Religion Christian Protestant Unitarian 135
Talk. Religion. Christian. Roman - Catholic
Talk Religion Christian Roman Catholic 7,950
Talk. Religion. Christian. Science
Talk Religion Christian Science 412
Talk. Religion. Course - Miracle
A Course in Miracles. 325,694
Talk. Religion. Jewish. Messianic
Talk Religion Jewish Messianic 198

5,864,011 Posts in 69 Talk Groups

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