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The Terrorists Who Aren't In The News
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Dan Clore
2006-11-11 17:55:53 EST
News & Views for Anarchists & Activists:

The Terrorists Who Aren't in the News
By Jennifer L. Pozner, AlterNet
Posted on November 11, 2006

On Sept. 11, 2006, the fifth anniversary of the terror
attacks that devastated our nation, a man crashed his car
into a building in Davenport, Iowa, hoping to blow it up and
kill himself in the fire.

No national newspaper, magazine or network newscast reported
this attempted suicide bombing, though an AP wire story was
available. Cable news (save for MSNBC's Keith Olbermann) was
silent about this latest act of terrorism in America.

Had the criminal, David McMenemy, been Arab or Muslim, this
would have been headline news for weeks. But since his
target was the Edgerton Women's Health Center, rather than,
say, a bank or a police station, media have not called this
terrorism -- even after three decades of extreme violence by
anti-abortion fanatics, mostly fundamentalist Christians who
believe they're fighting a holy war.

Since 1977, casualties from this war include seven murders,
17 attempted murders, three kidnappings, 152 assaults, 305
completed or attempted bombings and arsons, 375 invasions,
482 stalking incidents, 380 death threats, 618 bomb threats,
100 acid attacks, and 1,254 acts of vandalism, according to
the National Abortion Federation.

Abortion providers and activists received 77 letters
threatening anthrax attacks before 9/11, yet the media never
considered anthrax threats as terrorism until after 9/11,
when such letters were delivered to journalists and members
of Congress.

After 9/11, Planned Parenthood and other abortion rights
groups received 554 envelopes containing white powder and
messages like: "You have been exposed to anthrax. . . . We
are going to kill all of you." They were signed by the Army
of God, a group that hosts Scripture-filled web pages for
"Anti-Abortion Heroes of the Faith," including minister Paul
Hill, Michael Griffin and James Kopp, all convicted of
murdering abortion providers, and a convicted clinic bomber,
the Rev. Michael Bray. Another of their "martyrs," Clayton
Waagner, mailed anthrax letters while a fugitive on the
FBI's 10 most wanted list for anti-abortion related crimes.

"I am a terrorist," Waagner declared on the Army of God's
web site. Boasting that God "freed me to make war on his
enemy," he claimed he knew where 42 Planned Parenthood
workers lived. "It doesn't matter to me if you're a nurse,
receptionist, bookkeeper, or janitor, if you work for the
murderous abortionist, I'm going to kill you."

That's textbook terrorism, defined by the USA Patriot Act as
dangerous criminal acts that "appear to be intended to
intimidate or coerce a civilian population" or "to influence
the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion."

Which brings us back to car bomber, McMenemy. According to
the Detroit Free Press (the only newspaper in the Nexis news
database that reported his crime), he targeted the women's
health center because he thought it provided abortions. It
doesn't. (oops!) It provides mostly low-income patients with
pap smears, ob-gyn care, testing for sexually transmitted
diseases, birth control, and nutrition and immunization
programs for women and children.

The attack caused $170,000 in property damage and left poor
families without health care for a week. But long after
Edgerton's water-logged carpets are removed, scorched
medical equipment replaced and new doors reopened to the
public, a culture of fear will linger among doctors, nurses,
advocates and patients across the country, who will worry
they could be next. Some frightened workers will quit their
jobs; some women will be too scared to get the health care
they need.

Every fresh incident of anti-abortion terrorism is a
reminder that women's health supporters are not safe in a
country where abortion is legal but mobilized zealots
believe Jesus has empowered them to kill to prevent women
from choosing it.

Is McMenemy a lone nut case, or a member of that network of
violent extremists? We don't know, because journalists
haven't investigated.

Nor have they reported that just last year, nearly one in
five abortion clinics experienced gunfire, arson, bombings,
chemical attacks, assaults, stalking, death threats and
blockades, according to the 2005 National Clinic Violence
Survey. Additionally, 59 percent suffered intimidation
tactics such as photo/video surveillance.

Federal efforts to hunt down these terrorists improved with
the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act in 1994 and
the National Task Force on Violence Against Health Care
Providers, established by the Department of Justice in 1998.
The feds have taken over McMenemy's case, charging him with
arson against a business affecting interstate commerce. Yet
as of Oct. 5, no news outlet on Nexis reported this, despite
a second AP story.

As we continue national debates on how to keep America safe
from terrorism, journalists do us -- and especially women --
no good pretending that the threats come only from radical
Muslims outside our borders.

Jennifer L. Pozner is founder and executive director of
Women In Media & News, a national media analysis, education
and advocacy group.

Dan Clore

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News & Views for Anarchists & Activists:

"Don't just question authority,
Don't forget to question me."
-- Jello Biafra

James A. Donald
2006-11-11 23:10:19 EST
On Sat, 11 Nov 2006 14:55:53 -0800, Dan Clore
<*> wrote:

> News & Views for Anarchists & Activists:
> The Terrorists Who Aren't in the News
> [...]
> Since 1977, casualties from this war include seven murders,

Since 1977, how many murders by radical Islamists.

We have the right to defend ourselves and our property, because
of the kind of animals that we are. True law derives from this
right, not from the arbitrary power of the omnipotent state. James A. Donald

2006-11-12 04:42:21 EST

James A. Donald <> wrote in message
> On Sat, 11 Nov 2006 14:55:53 -0800, Dan Clore
> <> wrote:
> > News & Views for Anarchists & Activists:
> >
> >
> > The Terrorists Who Aren't in the News
> >
> > [...]
> >
> > Since 1977, casualties from this war include seven murders,
> Since 1977, how many murders by radical Islamists.

excellent, James.... you make the articles point perfectly......

> --
> ----------------------
> We have the right to defend ourselves and our property, because
> of the kind of animals that we are. True law derives from this
> right, not from the arbitrary power of the omnipotent state.
> James A. Donald

2006-11-13 10:21:44 EST,20061002-85156,uk.html
Retired TNI General Arrested in US
Monday, 02 October, 2006 | 13:12 WIB
A retired Indonesian Military (TNI) Navy General with three Indonesian
citizens and two foreigners were arrested on Saturday in Guam, United
They were accused of smuggling sophisticated weapons worth millions of US
dollars to Sri Lanka?s Tamil Tiger and the Indonesian army, as well as
money laundering. In a press conference held on Saturday (30/9), Rod J.
Rosenstein, a State Attorney of Maryland, US, said that the six people were
Haniffa bin Osman (Singapore, 55), Thirunavukarasu Varatharasa (Sri Lanka,
36), Erick Wotulo (Indonesia, 60), Haji Subandi (Indonesia, 69), Reinhard
Rusli (Indonesia, 34), and Helmi Soedirdja (Indonesia, 33).
Erick Wotulo is a retired Marine Brigadier General. The arrests were
carried out by undercover Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) agents. The
suspects made an advance payment of US$700,000 for the purchase of weapons
that weighed a total of 3.5 tons. The weapons that were planned to be
transported by 14 trucks included sniper and semi-automatic weapons as well
as grenade throwers.
It was also planned to order aircraft, as well as land and also air guided
missile to destroy Israel-made aircraft used by the Sri Lankan army.,5942,20521775,00.html
.. .. ..
The case follows one in April, when four men - one of them an Indonesian -
were arrested in Hawaii as they negotiated the purchase of sidewinder
missiles, handguns and military aviation radar systems, also allegedly for
the TNI.
The Jakarta Post
Thursday, April 20, 2006
War Business
The ongoing legal process of two Indonesian nationals in Hawaii accused of
illegal arms purchase is not only a slap in the face for the nation, but
also an indication of a long-standing illicit arms business involving
individuals and groups at home.
The fact that Hadiyanto Joko Djuliarso and Ignatius Ferdinand Suharli are
certified Indonesian Military (TNI) arms brokers and were on a mission to
procure defense equipment when the United States federal authorities
arrested them on April 9 has quickly dragged the Indonesian government into
the case.
A statement by Hadiyanto's lawyer Alvin Nishimura in the opening session of
his client's hearing Monday that all of the weapons -- with a total value
of about US$1 million -- were "for Indonesian interests" looks to support
the suspicion, although Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono denies it.
The U.S. authorities also questioned two Indonesian Air Force officers who
had accompanied the brokers to Hawaii, but found no evidence that they had
any role in the transaction which Juwono said was outside the government's
.. .. ..

The Jakarta Post Thursday, April 20, 2006
Weapons purchaser claims order was for TNI
Tiarma Siboro, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta
The Indonesian Military (TNI) continues to maintain its weapons purchases
have been completely legitimate, despite claims of one of the parties under
investigation in a massive arms smuggling operation that it filled orders
exclusively for the military.
Indonesian Military Chief Air Chief Marshal Djoko Suyanto told Antara
newswire Wednesday that there were no plans to buy Sidewinder missiles last
An order for the missiles "would not be from the TNI," he was quoted as
saying, adding that such purchases were only done on a
government-to-government basis.
However, in a signed written statement, a businessman from Singapore-based
PT Ataru Indonesia, a company acknowledged by the government as an Air
Force supplier, said he dealt with supplying and purchasing spare parts for
U.S.-made military aircraft, including only days after the U.S. restored
full military ties last November.
Washington slapped a partial embargo on military cooperation following the
1992 massacre in Dili, East Timor. Joint training officially resumed last
year; selling of spare parts for Hercules helicopters was permitted
following the 2004 tsunami. Last November's official lifting of the 14-year
embargo included allowing sales of lethal military hardware, although the
U.S. said it would depend on Indonesia's human rights record.
Hoedaifah Koeddah, a relative of one of the detained Indonesians who are
accused by U.S. investigators of plotting an illegal arms purchase, on
Wednesday denied allegations the company's activities were illegal.
.. .. ..
TNI admits to wrongdoings in Aceh
May 06, 2004
The Indonesian Military (TNI) acknowledged on Wednesday that troops in
Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam were guilty of hundreds of violations, including
rape and selling ammunition to rebels in the province. TNI chief Gen.
Endriartono Sutarto said 511 violations had been recorded since a military
operation was launched in Aceh in mid-May 2003.
.. .. ..

2006-11-13 10:28:14 EST

Ambon Information Website

Text of the "Declaration of War" by Laskar Jihad Commander Ustadz Ja'far
Umar Thalib, broadcast on Radio SPMM (Voice of the Maluku Muslim Struggle)
on 1-3 May 2002;
as published by Indonesian newspaper Berdarah web site on 8 May.

BBC Monitoring International Reports ? May 16, 2002: Text Of Laskar Jihad
Leader's "Declaration Of War"
(subheadings inserted editorially)

May peace and His mercy and blessing be upon you. Beloved and honoured
Muslim faithful. Teachers, imams prayer leaders of mosques, community
figures and all Muslim faithful wherever they are who are listening to my
We are grateful to Allah God Subhanahu Wataala praise be to the Almighty who
has chosen us as His soldiers. Allah's soldiers have received a military
obligation as stated by Allah: "Jihad is ordained for you though you
dislike it and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and
that you like a thing which is bad for you. And Allah knows but you do not
know!" Koranic verses quoted throughout. Therefore, Allah has ordained the
military obligation to us as Allah's soldiers.

Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. For those who are still doubtful about
going to war, listen to Allah's advice on how we should carry out this
mission of war. Allah Subhanahu Wataala has warned us: "And what is wrong
with you that you don't fight in the cause of Allah? And those oppressed
among them cry to Allah: Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people
are oppressors. Our Lord! Raise for us from You one who will help."

Beloved and honoured Muslim Faithful, listeners of SPMM radio. What law in
this world can oppose Allah's law when Allah states that we are obliged to
fight to defend the oppressed people who cannot defend themselves? And what
earthly law can prohibit the religious obligation expressed in the command
of Allah, "And if they, your brothers in faith, ask you for your help, then
you are ordained to help them." Therefore, I state emphatically that all
laws and regulations that oppose Allah's commandments are actually invalid.
Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. Because of this, then, we face the
reality of the oppression, crimes and treason of the Maluku provincial
administration, which has been given the title Civil Emergency Authority.
For more than three years the Muslim faithful have been toyed with and
mocked with various kinds of fraud, evil play and treasonous evil carried
out by the Maluku provincial Administration, together with the Church,
which is the command headquarters of the RMS South Maluku Republic

The Maluku provincial administration, led by Saleh Latuconsina, and the
Church led by perpetrators of crimes against humanity, priests who have
stolen the proscribed wealth of the people, have conspired to carry out an
evil and treasonous plot against the Muslim faithful, namely that of
expelling the Muslim faithful and then proclaiming the establishment of the
RMS state.

We have tried lobbying to resist the evil that is continuously perpetrated.
We have lobbied the central government, TNI/Polri Indonesian National
Military Forces/National Police personnel, both at TNI Headquarters and
Polri Headquarters and in the Maluku provincial administration.
We have been trying more than adequately to do this for more than three
years. And yet all these efforts have not helped the condition of the
Muslim faithful, who constantly subject to the games of the perpetrators of
crimes against humanity.

Moreover, the PDS Civil Emergency Authority has apparently been taken over
and is now controlled by the Church which is actually the command
headquarters of the RMS movement. So this movement is no longer mere talk,
but it has been realized in the form of political manoeuvres at the
national and international level.

It also exists in the form of military manoeuvres and mass mobilization
through insulting state symbols such as the DPRD Provincial House of
Representatives and the Governor's Office.

Apart from that, they also dare to disregard the prohibition of the central
government and regional administration concerning the RMS anniversary and
raising of the RMS flag. Saleh Latuconsina, in his capacity as Civil
Emergency Authority, has done nothing whatsoever in response to all these
insults. Saleh has now positioned himself as the civil emergency traitor.
The climax was when we Muslim faithful warned the government by threatening
a people's war that stern action must be taken against all plans of RMS
figures within and without the Church who wanted to commemorate the RMS

All ultimatums ignored

Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. We have done all this in the name of
exercising our duty and obligation as citizens of the Republic of Indonesia
to defend it. Moreover, we have done all this in the name of exercising our
religious obligations, namely defending the integrity of the Unitary
Republic of Indonesia.

But all the ultimatums that we issued were ignored by the PDS. In fact, the
PDS actually approved and allowed the RMS anniversary to be commemorated
throughout Maluku. In some places, based on photographic evidence that we
have received, there were official ceremonies of RMS flag-raising. It all
shows what a cruel traitor Saleh Latuconsina is towards the Islamic
faithful and the Republic of Indonesia.

Because of all of this, we don't want to eventually be categorized by Allah
as a group that is good at talking but does nothing. As Allah Subhanahu
Wataala warned in his Word: "O you who believe! Why do you say that which
you do not do? Most hateful it is with Allah that you only talk, but do not
do what you say." Therefore, in view of the current situation, we declare
our determination to conduct universal people's warfare against the treason
of the Civil Emergency Traitor led by Saleh Latuconsina. And we Muslim
faithful must prove this declaration by taking action.
In the current situation, it would be extremely strange if Saleh Latuconsina
decided tomorrow on 2 May 2002, large-scale sweeping would commence across

He 's incapable of defending the Indonesian government from the undermining
of the RMS rebellion, in which the Maluku Governor' Office and Ambon City
DPRD Building have been burnt down. He's also incapable of defending his
political decisions such as the prohibition of RMS anniversary
celebrations. What's more, he's incapable of protecting the Muslim faithful
from the subsequent threat posed by the RMS rebellion.

Then he issued orders that all Muslims must be disarmed. He's unable to
disarm the RMS rebels, either in Kudamati, Passo or other places.
Therefore, we Muslim faithful firmly reject all forms of sweeping or other
excuses similar to that, which certainly have the ultimate objective of
disarming the Muslim faithful. And then he, Saleh Latuconsina, will provoke
the anger of the Muslim faithful in order to create clashes with TNI/Polri.
This is another crime of Saleh Latuconsina.

Warnings to Maluku Governor and to the Military & Police Area Commanders
O Saleh Latuconsina, if you hear my voice then listen to my final piece of
advice. Be afraid of Allah knowing that the Church leaders, both national
and international, cannot protect you from Allah's curse, damnation and
wrath when you oppress the Muslim faithful.
O Saleh Latuconsina, listen to my advice. Don't continuously deceive the
Muslim faithful. If you don't immediately repent of your deeds, Allah will
disgrace you as low as possible, because the prayers of the oppressed are
heard by Allah.

Remember. You won't live forever. Soon you will die because you're already
old. Maybe you'll be a weak old man soon and a disgraced person if you
don't immediately repent to Allah, or you'll enter your grave with Allah's
wrath and be proscribed from His blessing.
Don't be too confident about all your crimes. O Saleh Latuconsina, if there
is still a speck of faith in your heart, then you'd better think about the
hereafter. All your ambition in this world to be elected governor again
will in fact just result in more Muslim blood being spilt and multiply your
sins and Allah's curse on you.
Are you going to live another hundred years O Saleh Latuconsina? Be afraid
of Allah!!! Fear Allah!

Now my advice to the Pangdam commander of XVI Pattimura Military Area
Command, Brother Moestopo. Fear Allah and His curse. Verily, the prayers of
oppressed Muslims will get you. Be afraid of the prayers of the oppressed.
The Muslim faithful have been oppressed by the ploys of your leader, Saleh
Latuconsina. You should know that TNI is the tool of the state, not the
tool of the ruler. Therefore, you should put the interests of the state
before those of the ruler.
To Provincial Police Chief Sunarko, fear Allah! Be afraid of Allah! Do you
still remember that you will die one day? Then you'll regret the
responsibility of the Muslim blood on your hands because of what you have
Be afraid of Allah, O servants of Allah. You will be defeated if you oppose
Allah's greatness. You will be destroyed if you are determined to oppose
Allah's power. Don't be over confident of the physical power that you have.
Remember! Allah has soldiers whose numbers are infinite. If you are proud of
your tens of thousands of soldiers and police, remember Allah has an
infinite number of soldiers.
Allah's angels are always observing you. Remember you three Allah's angels
are Allah's servants who were given great power. If the tip of an angel's
wing touched the face of the earth, the earth and its contents would be
destroyed. What armoured vehicles and Kopassus army special forces troops
would you use to oppose Allah's angels?
Remember that the supreme commander is actually Allah. Therefore, if you
remember this, you will repent from the rotten games that you play.
Call to prepare for "people's war", martyrdom
Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. Prepare yourselves for the disarmament
operations to be conducted by security personnel led by their superiors who
are making themselves the dogs of the RMS.
Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. Fear not the threats of the Civil
Emergency Authority, or to be more precise the Civil Emergency Traitor.
Allah Subhanahu Wataala has told us about the mentality of the believers in
saying: "They the believers are the ones whom the others fear, and they
have gathered against you (a great army), therefore fear them." But it only
strengthened their Faith and they said, "Allah alone is Sufficient for us,
and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us)."
That is the mentality of the believers. We are advised and called on by
Allah to have such a mentality. We won't retreat in the face of their
bluffing such as threats to carry out repressive action if we refuse
Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. Continue preparing all manner of
opposition against all attempts of the PDS aimed at tricking the security
personnel into confronting us. We will prepare everything necessary. Get
the bombs that we have ready. Get our ammunition ready to spew forth the
weapons that we have.
And we swear by Allah!... In the name of Allah!.. ellipses as published In
the name of Allah! If one Muslim is killed by the security personnel, then
Kudamati and Passo Christian areas of Ambon will be a sea of fire. In
Allah's name we declare it.
We don't want to deal with messengers the security forces paid to clash with
us. We want revenge for all the evil deeds committed against us by
annihilating those giving the orders in Kudamati and Passo. This is our
We don't care about this constant flattery and deception. We are already far
too disappointed in the government, both provincial and central, for its
continuous deception.
O Saleh Latuconsina. Don't take this ultimatum for granted. You are
apparently making plans to distract attention from the danger posed by the
RMS treason which is undermining the dignity of the Unitary Republic of
Indonesia by creating clashes between Muslims and security personnel.
I swear by Allah! We are determined that we will not clash with the
TNI/Polri. However, if they attack us on the grounds of sweeping or for any
other reasons, we will fight back until the last drop of blood. We will
also carry on the resistance up to Kudamati, Passo and until we free Maluku
from the dirty hands of the RMS. This is our resolution. Don't mess with
these tigers of Allah. We will not retreat from this principle.
Therefore, I order all members of the Laskar Jihad of Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah
to write their will and testament and prepare themselves to take up the
position of martyrs. Get all the weaponry out.
Because of this state of war, I am forced to announce to all Muslim faithful
that the activities of SDIP Islamic Elementary School , TKIP Islamic
Kindergarten, and TPQ Koran Reciting Course are temporarily suspended in
order to allow for preparations for the people's war. And to all medical
workers, they'd better make all preparation for providing services to those
injured in battle.
To all the Muslim faithful I advise that they close the ranks and prepare
themselves to take part in the people's resistance against the attempted
betrayal of the nation and state.
"Second Afghanistan war will take place in Maluku"
We all place our trust in Allah Subhanahu Wataala, rejecting all forms of
sweeping and the like. We are prepared to confront any type of armoured
vehicles. In fact, we are prepared to confront jet fighters or combat
helicopters. We don't care. This is all part of a warning to the world.
Listen, you accomplices of the United States. Listen, you accomplices of the
World Church Council. Listen, you accomplices of Zionist evangelists.
Listen, you Jews and Christians: We Muslims are inviting the US military to
prove its power in Maluku. Let us fight to the finish. Let us prove for the
umpteenth time that the Muslim faithful cannot be conquered by
over-exaggerated physical power.
The second Afghanistan war will take place in Maluku if you are determined
to carry out the threat, O America. Now you, the US, are suffering defeats,
various terrifying strikes in Afghanistan. Let us meet gallantly on the
field of battle.
We will bequeath our fighting spirit to our descendants because we have been
appointed by Allah as His soldiers. And we hope that Allah includes us
among His servants that are favoured by Him and His servants who uphold the
dignity of His religion.
May Allah Subhanahu Wataala help us and save us from all forms of arrogance,
ambition for compliments and the desire to seek popularity. May Allah
continue saving us from such things. May Allah also endow us with pure
intentions in worshipping Allah.
We remind all Muslim faithful that there is no power and no struggle without
the help of Allah. Only Allah can help us. Therefore, increase prayers for
forgiveness, prayers of repentance to Allah and multiply deeds of obedience
to Allah to obtain Allah's favour so Allah makes us victorious because of
that. Only Allah knows this matter. Until we meet in the battlefield.
Allahu Akbar God is Great,
And may His peace, mercy and blessings be upon you!
Source: Berdarah web site, Ambon, in Indonesian 08 May 02

2006-11-13 10:34:35 EST

March 8, 2002
Indonesian militant group Laskar Jihad has regularly received attention
over the past two years for their unrelenting attacks on Christian
populations on the islands of Moluccas and Sulawesi. More recently, the
Muslim organization has been scrutinized for its possible links with other
international terrorist groups such as al Qaeda.
Laskar Jihad, or ?Holy War Warriors,? was founded in 2000 by Jafar Umar
Thalib, who spent several years studying in Pakistan and fighting alongside
the mujahidin in Afghanistan in the late 1980s. Jafar himself admits to
having met Osama bin Laden there but dismisses having any respect for or
ties with him, saying the al Qaeda chief ?knew nothing about true
religion.? According to Jafar, al Qaeda operatives approached him in the
summer of 2001 at his headquarters in Ambon in the Moluccan islands
promising funding and training in return for Laskar Jihad?s cooperation.
But Jafar rejected the offer and told them not to return to Indonesia.
Laskar Jihad members adhere to the Wahhabi creed of Islam espoused by bin
Laden ? television is banned in Laskar camps and women wear burqa ? but
Jafar determined that al Qaeda?s ideology is not in line with true Islam.
Nevertheless, Indonesian and U.S. authorities continue to be wary of Laskar
Jihad?s motives and connections, particularly in light of recent reports
that Southeast Asian terrorist groups long believed to be domestic
militants in fact have links with international terrorists. Jafar
acknowledges that his group has ties with Malaysia-based Kumpulan Mujahidin
Malaysia (KMM), a terrorist organization recently made prominent as
probable al Qaeda collaborators. Indonesia?s National Intelligence Agency
also claims to have evidence that al Qaeda fighters have been fighting on
Sulawesi island, where hundreds of Laskar members recently arrived to mount
assaults on Christians. Furthermore, Laskar Jihad has evidently received
money from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Libya and Afghanistan ? a report
that matches Jafar?s claim that he visits countries such as Saudi Arabia,
Jordan and Yemen to discuss his mission.
The emerging al Qaeda connections aside, Laskar Jihad continues to be a
concern for the Indonesian government as it mediates peace talks between
Muslims and Christians on the troubled islands. With over 10,000 fighters,
Laskar Jihad is the largest and most organized militant Muslim organization
in Indonesia. It incited conflict on the eastern Indonesian islands in
2000 when it sent around 5,000 armed militia men to the Moluccas region
with the mission of quelling what it sees as Christian separatist
movements. Laskar Jihad?s classification of Christians there as kafir
harbi ? or belligerent infidels, the most dangerous category of non-Muslims
? gives them the religious basis to kill. Since its inception, the group
has been blamed for the death of thousands and for the creation of massive
refugee flows out of targeted cities.
In stark contrast to its tactical violence, Laskar Jihad proclaims a
peaceful three-part mission: social work, Muslim education and ?security
mission.? Its burgeoning membership attests to the sense of Islamic
identity it provides to otherwise alienated Muslim men. Jafar initially
recruited people from poorer and uneducated segments of the population, and
still gives remuneration to many fighters in the Moluccas. The group
fulfills its social mission by providing medicine and food to refugees and
teaching the Koran to Muslims. However, when tasked to fight Christians,
many volunteers have said they felt deceived because they had joined to
assist in humanitarian activities. When they sought to return home,
leaders threatened to kill members who refused to fight against Christians.
These reports notwithstanding, the attacks on the United States last fall ?
which Jafar openly extolled ? and the subsequent U.S. campaign in
Afghanistan have inspired another 500 or so men to join the group since
Sept. 11. Laskar Jihad has since maintained a consistently anti-American
Indonesia has been blamed for its slow and hesitant commitment to the war
against terrorism. President Megawati deals with the need to back the
United States while maintaining Islamic support at home, and to stringently
crack down on terrorists while upholding democratization. In this regard
Laskar Jihad is no exception to Jakarta?s list of predicaments, but the
matter is confounded by the group?s oblique but well-known link with the
Indonesian military (TNI). Jakarta?s hands-off policy with TNI ? which is
now under civilian control after decades of dictatorship ended with Suharto
? has enabled generals to retain old links with radical group such as
Laskar Jihad. The support the militant group continues to receive from the
highest levels of the Indonesian military ensures its survival.
Sympathizers within TNI are believed to provide the group with cash, and
possibly arms, and to order Moluccan officials not to crack down on Laskar
Jihad members. According to Western intelligence sources, Laskar Jihad was
actually founded with covert backing of military hardliners who wished to
destabilize the post-Suharto reformist government of Abdurrahman Wahid.
Jafar branded former president Wahid as anti-Islamic, claiming that his
government was ?positioned to oppress Muslim interests and protect those of
the infidels.?
Though Laskar Jihad claims to raise most of its funds from Muslim
communities, it is also believed to be relying heavily on money embezzled
from the Army. Western intelligence has confirmed that at least $9.3
million has been transferred from the Army?s main fighting section to the
militant group.

2006-11-13 10:41:46 EST

A Bloody Business Beneath The Morning Star
- Violence in West Papua and the role of Indonesia's military

2 September 2002
15 November 2002

Over the past few years a growing body of evidence has linked the
Indonesian military (TNI) with the activities of terrorist groups within
the republic. The most blatant example occurred in East Timor in 1999 when
proxies trained and armed by TNI waged a campaign of terror against
Christian Timorese.

Since then TNI has been linked to the training and movement of Laskar
Jihad warriors across Indonesia where they have spread death and
destruction in restive areas including Aceh, the Malukus, Poso and now West
Papua. At the same time, Kopassus, Indonesia's special forces, has been
linked to the funding and training of an East Timorese-style militia group
in Papua called Satgas Merah Putih.

While East Timor was the highest profile case of TNI destabilisation,
Papua has suffered under a similar level of terror for many years. Since
the abduction and murder of Papuan independence leader Theys Eluay by
Kopassus in November last year, many indigenous leaders and human rights
activists fear for their lives amid heavy intimidation and surveillance.

In mid-September the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
assured the Australia West Papua Association that "Laskar Jihad has no
known links to international terrorist networks. The Indonesian police have
been vigilant towards Laskar Jihad's presence, raiding the camps in
December 2001 and early 2002". According to Papuan sources, however, no
such raids have taken place with the number of Laskar Jihad militants in
Papua growing dramatically since January.

A few days after the publicised disbanding of Laskar Jihad (announced hours
before the Bali bombing), Papuan religious leader Pastor Terry Joku pleaded
help in an ABC interview as Laskar Jihad members surrounded his house in
Jayapura threatening to kill him. Joku said the death threats had started
last year, the day after Eluay's murder. While boatloads of Laskar Jihad
members were reported to have left Maluku after the Bali bombings, the same
exodus has not occurred from Papua. According to a Papuan non-government
group, the Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy (ELS-HAM),
hundreds more Laskar militants have arrived in Jayapura. Spokesman Aloi
Renwarin saysthat at least 300 Laskar members arrived from Ambon on October
26. He estimates there are about 3,000 Laskar members spread across several
towns including Sorong, Manokwiri and Jayapura.

There have been other reports of gangs trying to cause trouble between
Muslims and Christians in Jayapura. Last week, the South China Morning Post
quoted a local pastor as saying that perpetrators caught by Papuans had
admitted to being paid to attack Christians and their churches.

The willingness of the military to use brutal methods is well documented in
Indonesia's recent history. All the latest evidence points to the
involvement of Kopassus in an attack in late August on employees of the
giant US-owned Freeport gold and copper mine in West Papua which resulted
in the deaths of two American teachers and an Indonesian employee. While
TNI automatically blamed the Free Papua Movement (OPM), investigations by
the police and ELS-HAM have implicated the military. It is widely believed
that TNI wanted to use the attack as justification for a crackdown on the
OPM and increased "protection" payments from Freeport.

Because Jakarta has never been able to adequately fund the military, it has
always encouraged TNI to become involved in business, both legal and
illegal. And so the military has become the paid "protector" of businesses
in Indonesia, especially the lucrative extractive industries dominated by
wealthy foreign capital. To this end, BP's new Tanggah liquefied gas field
in western Papua is seen as a lucrative opportunity that TNI is keen to
exploit. BP is aware of the financial and social costs associated with
Freeport's relationship with the military and has said that it doesn't want
to make the same mistakes. It has promoted a military-free zone or a
locally raised security force. Recently TNI was accused of instigating
violence in nearby Wasior to justify its presence in the concession.

The anti-terrorism decree enacted by Indonesia's President Megawati
Soekarnoputri after the Bali bombing is generally considered
window-dressing to appease the West and to give the military a green light
to increase repression. A senior Western diplomat in Jakarta, quoted by the
South China Morning Post, said last week: "I think there will be a trend in
that direction, and it is encouraged by the government's perception that it
would be meeting the expectations and demands of foreign governments."

An indication of the military's belief that Bali is an opportunity to
further consolidate its power was recently provided by army chief Ryamizard
Ryacudu, who said: "What happened in Bali shows what happens when a
civilian government does not allow the armed forces to act."
However, Wimar Witoelar, an Indonesian commentator and spokesman for former
president Abdurrahman Wahid, has openly accused the military of carrying
out the attack in Bali and urges caution: "The plot is probably hatched by
hardline military rogues as impatient as many are with Megawati, but coming
from the right flank. This is certainly an excuse for the entry of a
military takeover unless it is pre-empted."

While Western governments are considering re-establishing relations with
the military, those with first hand knowledge of the country and its
problems believe the only way to increase security is to hold the armed
forces to account; to fight corruption of the military rather than reward
it with closer ties.
"You wouldn't believe the lack of faith being expressed in this
government," says Sidney Jones, head of the International Crisis Group's
Jakarta office. The president should consider the fact that the two
institutions in this country which Indonesians have least faith in are the
armed forces and the police. If Megawati now decides to give more power to
those two institutions, ... then we have a serious problem."
"The armed forces are jumping on the bandwagon of the need for new powers.
This illuminates the single core issue in the post-Soeharto era, which is
that the military is no longer interested in conducting actions designed to
defend the regime. The armed forces now act only if they are paid for it.
They have become an army for hire."

Military personnel in areas of conflict across Indonesia foment violence in
order to maintain control over their business activities and to justify
their continued presence in these regions. With the military and the
terrorists perpetrating violence with impunity in West Papua, Papuans see
their only recourse is removal of the feared TNI presence through an act of

However, in allowing the military to expand its role by igniting a war on
terrorism against the Papuan independence movement, the Indonesian
government risks sidelining advocates of peaceful solutions to the issues
facing Papua. It also risks entrenching corruption and militarism in
eastern Indonesia for yet another generation.

Recent attempts at dialogue and the declaration of a "zone of peace"
proposed by the Papuans will be stillborn. The cry for freedom is so loud
that widespread conflict looms if Papuan aspirations continue to be
ignored. It would appear that TNI's continued support of militias and
terrorist groups is a deliberate trigger aimed at setting off an explosion
of violence in Papua that could last for years with serious implications
for Australia and its Pacific neighbours.

TNI is eager to resume close ties with the West and to have funding
reinstated, but its unwillingness to investigate and prosecute officers
responsible for the carnage in East Timor has been a major stumbling block.
Today, however, George Bush's "war against terrorism" is seen by the
military as the means for achieving its goals.
Australia's defence minister, Robert Hill, has argued for the resumption
of ties with Kopassus, which he sees as the only counter-terrorist force in
Indonesia. This is despite knowledge of Kopassus involvement in the attack
on the American teachers at Freeport, the assassination of Eluay and the
violence in East Timor.

Rather than establishing close ties with the military again, a policy that
will only encourage further human rights violations, what may be of greater
benefit to Indonesia, Papua, Australia and the region is more emphasis on
the role of provincial police, their training and skills development.
Co-operation has developed after Bali, and Australia has long experience in
police-training programs with other nations in the region. Australian
Federal Police on the ground in Papua is a logical step in the gathering of
intelligence on possible terrorist infiltration.
"Community policing", involving local human rights organisations, has been
advocated by Human Rights Asia. Control of ports and mines by a more
professional network of provincial security agencies would ensure greater
command over the entry of terrorist cells. Recruitment of Papuans into
positions of responsibility may also alleviate resentment of the
Jakarta-centric system that controls all aspects of Papuan life a
resentment that is only aggravated by the prevailing approach to governance
and an enduring legacy of brutality. The future of West Papua is pivotal to
the stability of this region.

When news of the Freeport killings first made headlines, the deputy chief
of the Indonesian embassy in Canberra, Imron Cotan, demanded that the
perpetrators be listed as a terrorist organisation and funding to the group
cease. Australia would do well to heed his advice.
Whatever decisions the Australian government makes in the coming weeks will
have long-term ramifications for our security and that of our Indonesian

Published in the Australian Financial Review © 2002

2006-11-13 10:44:55 EST

July 25, 2002

Laskar Jihad Commander Freed

Laksamana.Net - Commander of the radical Islamic group Laskar Jihad, Jafar
Umar Thalib, has been released from a police cell by order of a Jakarta

State news agency Antara said Jafar?s release on Thursday (25/7/02) was
confirmed by his lawyer M. Mahendradatta.

Head of the Jakarta Public Prosecutor?s Office, Muljohardjo, also confirmed
the release order.

Jafar was arrested on May 4, 2002, in the East Java capital Surabaya for
allegedly inciting an April 28 massacre of Christian villagers in Ambon,
Maluku province. He was later transferred to a cell in Jakarta.

In addition to being accused of stirring up religious hatred, he has also
been charged with insulting President Megawati Sukarnoputri.

Mahendradatta said Jafar will go on trial on August 1.

?We have pursued existing legal avenues and at last the East Jakarta Court
fulfilled our request and ordered the release of Jafar Umar Thalib from
detention? This now gives Jafar Umar Thalib time to prepare his defense as
his trial begins on August 1," the lawyer was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Jafar?s arrest had been lauded by Western nations and was seen as positive
move by Megawati?s administration in the war against terror.

But Jafar, who once fought alongside Al-Qaeda, denies any wrongdoing and
insists Laskar Jihad is not linked to any international terrorist networks.

Megawati on Thursday expressed her displeasure with radical groups, warning
against "narrow fanaticism", although she stopped short mentioning any

Laskar Jihad in 2000 sent thousands of warriors to Maluku and North Maluku
provinces to wage a Holy War against Christians. About 9,000 people have
been killed in the violence since 1999.

Indonesia?s Muslim radicals have found a benevolent ally in Vice President
Hamzah Haz, who in the May 28 edition of Tempo magazine said his
Muslim-based United Development Party (PPP) is still trying to insert
Islamic law into the constitution.

Haz came under attack from nationalist groups after he met with Jafar at
the latter?s cell on May 7. Critics said the visit was an effort to
pressure police to release Jafar and was clearly at odds with Megawati?s
pledge to crack down on communal violence and terrorism.

But the vice president claimed the meeting was held to discuss solutions to
the religious violence in Maluku.

He also said the visit was made in his capacity as a Muslim individual to
visit a brother in distress. "It has nothing to do with my being vice
president," he said.

Haz sparked further controversy on May 29 when he paid a call on radical
Muslim leader Abu Bakar Bashir in Central Java.

Bashir, who describes Osama bin Laden as a ?true Islamic warrior?, has been
linked by authorities in Singapore and Malaysia to the extremist Jemaah
Islamiyah network, which allegedly planned attacks against American and
other Western targets in Southeast Asia last December.

2006-11-13 10:48:01 EST

Chronological Summary March 2005 Part I

In this report FKM sums up the most important incidents of violence which
have occured in Ambon and Maluku in the month of March, 2005, and some
political policies and measures the Indonesian governement has taken, and
which are being criticized by FKM.

1. Bombing Attacks.
6-3: Karang Panjang, near Kalvari Church; no victims; witnesses from local
population and police.
9-3: Air Sakula, Laha, Laskar Jihad area; hundreds of bombs found; no
10-3: Talake(Telkom), 46 bombs found on former KOPASSUS-watchpost location.
11-3: Talake and Mardika, bombexplosions, no casualties.
12-3: Ambon-Centre, Mayor Office and Indojaya Hotel; two bombs found at
either location; dismantled in time.
13-3: Valentine, bombexplosion, no casualties.
21-3: Urimessing(+Ponegoro); bombexplosion concours of christians and
muslims; no fights, provocation failed.
27-3: Karang Panjang near Kasih Sinar Church; bombs placed; discovered and
dismantled in time; perpetrators on the run with blue car(belonging to the

2. Shell Explosions.
5-3: Lateri; shell thrown from motorcicle into the public; seven casualties
of which two dead.
21-3: Batumerah; Shell thrown from a motorcycle into a minibus; shell thrown
back on the street; five muslims injured of which two dead; after that
minibus attacked by the mob; 15 passengers wounded.

3. Mysterious Murders.
5-3: Poka; victim Yesayas Haumase.
6-3: Kairatu; victim Marten Matenheru, in area of transmigrants from Java;
infiltrated by KOPASSUS-military.
7-3: Piru; victim seriously injured; provocation between Ceramese and
Tenggaranese failed.
8-3: Tual; Thai fisherman murdered in a harbour-area in which KOPASSUS have
18-3: Tulehu; victim Polly Wemay from Batu Gantung; perpetrator Maxi
Manduapessy, a KOPASSUS-member.

4. Provocation Activities.
24-3: Galunggung(muslim); shooting at SMA 11 Secondary School; provocation
28-3: Hitu Lama; fightings between citizens of Hitu Lama and Hitu Messing;
repeat from similar provocations three months earlier; involvement of
militia group that wants to put an end to the (so called) cooperation
between FKM/RMS and TNI/POLRI.

5. Arrests and Ill-Treatments.
16-3: Kudamati; In a round-up action the family A. Matatula with eight
persons arrested with charges of hoisting the RMS-flag; they were
25/26-3:Nania; FKM/RMS-prisoners intimidated by agents of the Detachment Nr.
88, that if at april 25, 2005, the RMS-flag will be hoisted, all
FKM-prisoners will be dealt with relentlessly.
28-3: Namlea; many FKM/RMS sympathisers arrested and initimidated to cancel
plans for hoisting the RMS-flag.
30-3: Kudamati; Arrest of Andre Kakisina, the sun-in-law of the FKM-leader
A. H. Manuputty; Kakisina is a higher rank police-officer.
29/31-3:Nania; Moses Tuwanakotta, FKM Secr. General, dragged to and fro
between prisoncells, his familiy not knowing anything about his
whereabouts, and finally transported to Surabaya.

6. Brutal House-Searchings.
3-3: Hative Besar; 20 citizens of Hative Besar, charged with carrying out
RMS-activities, arrested and their furniture smashed.
15-3: Kudamati; In the house Benny and Freddy Sapulete, where mrs. Holly
Manuputty stayed to recover from her weak health, all furniture was smashed
and belongings taken away by a group of 30 policemen.
17-3: Kayu Putih; two people, namely Elvis Saptenno and his housefriend,
arrested, and illtreated on the charge of carrying out RMS-activities.

7. Bad Policy of Police and Justice.
3-3: Hative Besar; the 20 arrested citizens deprived of juridical support.
15/16-3:Kudamati/Nania; Mrs. Holly Manuputty put in jail, although she
possessed an official Medical Statement about not being able to serve
inprisonment because of bad health conditions.

8. BKO ( = Bawah Komando Operasi = Special Troops of TNI under Operation
6-3: Waiheru/Wahai; In the forest area of Waiheru(Ambon) and Wahai(Ceram)
the population is going crazy from continuous shootings of the military
training exercises of the TNI-BKO forces, in which also the Laskar Jihad
are involved. Whilst Laskar Jihad enter the gates of the Waiheru military
camp, Moluccan military of the TNI look for a living place outside the
7-3: Ambelau; The Island of Ambelau has been transferred into a transit
harbour of Laskar Jihad.
22-3: Waiheru; Hundreds of full-armed BKO-cavalerists have arrived at
Waiheru; there are now 20 batallions of TNI/BKO.
23-3: Ambon; TNI/BKO-units are included in the Military Intelligence
Service, but they are full of Laskar Jihad and are full-armed, an Ambon
more and more looks like a place of military training.

9. Governments Policy Criticised.
4-3: KKN-practises flourish; refugees are being neglected; benzine-prices
explode without caring about citizen needs.
8-3: President Yudhoyono expresses his opinion that nobody should lament
about the low punishment measure(2 years jail) of the JI-leader Abubakar
Bashir; herewith he seems to actually support terrorism.
28-3: On the Island of Buru the ex-General Suaedy Marasabessy(well-known for
his role in the Moluccan Conflict, 1999-2002) leads an anti

10. Propaganda and Lies of the Indonesian Government.
21-3: The Chairman of the Indonesian Delegation to the 61-st UN Human Rights
Assembly at Geneva, Switserland, has stated that at beforementioned
Assembly no RMS-delegation is present.
23-3: Vice-President Yusuf Kalla(architect of the Malino II Agreement) makes
a prediction that the ongoing terrorist attacks at Ambon and in Maluku are
the work of RMS.
Thus far this summary of the events in Ambon-Maluku in the month of March,
2005, which are connected with the expected hoisting activities of the
RMS-flag at April, 2005.

2006-11-13 10:52:20 EST

Wednesday, March 30, 2005
By Elizabeth Kendal

AUSTRALIA (ANS) -- In Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), Eastern Indonesia, a
quiet, hidden, atrocious campaign of ethnic cleansing is in progress.
Unless there is radical policy change and reform, Papua will soon become
majority Javanese and majority Muslim through the genocide of the
predominantly Protestant indigenous Papuans. It is appalling hypocrisy that
many Western governments that espouse the high principles of human rights
seem content to disregard the genocidal policies of the Indonesian
government, and the genocidal atrocities perpetrated by the systemically
corrupt Indonesian military (TNI) against indigenous Papuan civilians ?
policies and atrocities enacted with the sole aim of attaining unhindered
access to Papua's vast resources for the purpose of exploitation. Through
joint military training agreements, governments will ensure that the TNI is
as professional a well armed human rights-abusing killing machine that it
can be. These governments will be judged by history as complicit in this
genocide, regardless of their human rights rhetoric.
SBS Dateline (Australia) recently aired a report on Papua by Nick Lazaredes.
(Link 1)
The report comprised film footage smuggled out of Papua, and interviews with
a milita informant, a human rights activist who infiltrated the Laskar
Jihad, and Papuan Baptist minister Sofyan Yoman. Pastor Yoman expresses his
deep fear for the future of the predominantly Protestant indigenous Papuan
people as Indonesia implements a policy of transmigration, shipping in
massive numbers of Muslim immigrants to alter the racial and religious
demographics of Papua. He says that six ferry loads of Muslim immigrants
and soldiers arrive each day.
Pastor Yoman also alleges that special autonomy funds to the value of 2.5
billion rupiah (around US$260,000), meant for humanitarian purposes, have
been diverted to the Indonesian military (TNI) and are being used for
military operations and atrocities against indigenous Papuans. These is
great concern for large numbers of indigenous Papuans who have been driven
from their homes by TNI operations. Photos shown on SBS Dateline pictured
the aftermath of a TNI attack in late February on the remote highland
village of Wunin, where elderly villagers were murdered and schools and
churches were burnt to the ground. It is estimated that some 20,000 Papuans
are struggling to survive in the jungle. Many are dying of disease and
starvation in an unseen campaign of ethnic cleansing.
SBS Dateline obtained information that indicates the aid funds are being
spent by the TNI primarily in funding and training militias. A militia
informant told SBS Dateline, "I can tell you here and now that in Manokwari
the military are establishing and organising militias, which are known as
Satgas Merah Putih. They have established two bases in Manokwari, in
transmigrant areas where there [are] many Muslims."
According to the informant, the pro-Indonesia Satgas Merah Putih (Red and
White militias) are being armed in preparation for an ethnic cleansing
campaign against the indigenous Papuans. The informant continues: "Large
numbers of bullets in boxes are being stored in workshops in food stalls
and by the road. What is the motive or reason for this? So I am convinced
that the military is organising militias in these two places and at some
stage these militias will become a force used to attack the community as
happened in East Timor."
SBS Dateline also interviewed a human rights activist who had infiltrated
the Laskar Jihad (Islamic "holy war" militia) through the local Mujaheddi
mosque in Sorong. He told SBS, "The sort of activities Laskar Jihad were
involved in, in Sorong, were firstly, intimidating and killing Papuans who
were involved in the Papua Independence Movement, and secondly, spreading
rumours in various places, to create fear." He also described to SBS the
nature of the Islamic teaching received in the mosque. "The truth of Islam
had to be made concrete, so we had to wage jihad against those who wanted
to destroy the Islamist community, both its people and its places of
worship. We were taught how to monitor the strength of the religious
groups. In particular in Sorong, we monitored places of worship. I don't
just mean Christian places of worship but also those of other religions. We
were also told to determine the number of neighbourhoods in Sorong where
the majority of inhabitants were Christian." He also noted, "Haji Ahmad
once said in the Mujaheddin mosque, our network, the Laskar Jihad in
Sorong, all its activities would be reported to al-Qa'ida."
In the SBS Dateline interview, Pastor Yoman comments on the link between the
TNI and the militias: "Wherever there are Indonesian soldiers, the militia
and the jihadists are there too. They are inseparable. They are very
close." With this in mind, the news that the military is about to enlarge
its presence in Papua, particularly in Sorong, is of great concern.
According to the Jakarta Post (19 March), Army spokesman Brig. Gen.
Hotmagaradja Pandjaitan said on Friday 18 March, that, in line with the
Army's guidelines on the development of its strength, a new division of
elite troops is to be set up and stationed in Papua. The Jakarta Post
reports that the plan involves the gradual deployment of up to 15,000
troops from the Army's Strategic Reserves Command (Kostrad) from 2005
through 2009.
"The first 5,000 troops will be recruited from Makassar in South Sulawesi,"
Pandjaitan told the Jakarta Post. "They will be deployed in Sorong, Papua.
To bring the number up to a total of 15,000, we will also recruit troops
from military commands (Kodam) nationwide."
The present scenario faced by indigenous Papuans is that of increased
Javanese Muslim population, increased TNI presence, increased Western
support (including military training) for the TNI, restrictions on foreign
journalists and NGOs, and war-ready TNI armed and trained Merah Putih and
Laskar Jihad militias, all in a rich land ripe for exploitation. No wonder
Papuan Christian leaders are warning of impending genocide.
The World Council of Churches' (WCC) will seek to raise awareness of the
critical situation in Papua at this year's 61st session of the United
Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) (12 March-22 April ). According
to the WCC press release, notable religious leaders from Papua will address
a public event on Thursday, 31 March. Then from 2- 4 April, representatives
of faith-based bodies attending the 61st session, including the WCC, will
meet to strategise together on the human rights of the Papuan people. A
study on the economic, social and cultural rights of the Papuan people
commissioned by the German churches with the WCC, and undertaken by Papuan
academics and human rights defenders, will also be released. (Link 2)
1) SBS Dateline ? transcript. 16 March 2005
2) Papua focus of WCC at UNCHR 61st session
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