Activism Discussion: America Is Succumbing To Fascism - Author Naomi Klein

America Is Succumbing To Fascism - Author Naomi Klein
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2008-08-11 03:48:29 EST

Author Naomi Klein: America is succumbing to fascism

Nick Langewis and Mike Aivaz
Published: Saturday October 13, 2007

Youtube Videos

Author Naomi Klein sits down with Bill Maher to discuss her new book, The
Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.
The Shock Doctrine shares a sentiment that, while corporations are
engineered to profit off of situations, planned or otherwise, the United
States under President Bush has corporations opportunistically poised to
collect taxpayer-funded payouts from disasters such as 9/11, Katrina and the
Iraq occupation.

Calling it the "mission statement of the Bush administration," Klein says
that politicians are seeing themselves as facilitators between disasters and
their friends in the private sector. Each time there's a disaster, says
Klein, politicians use the "shock" felt by the citizenry to "push through a
further privatization agenda" with little opposition.

"In New Orleans," continues Klein, "it's the privatization of the school
system, the public housing. After September 11th, it was the launching of a
new economy in privatized homeland security, and in Iraq it's the Blackwater
economy--The worse things get in Iraq, the more privatized--and
profitable--this war becomes.

So it's not about the corporations taking advantage; we expect corporations
to do that. It's about the politicians who think the government should be an
ATM machine and just transfer wealth to their friends in exchange for a
deposit in the form of campaign contributions."

"But you're talking about our government and corporations as if they're two
different things," quips Maher. "Now, we all know that communism is when the
government takes over private business. But, when corporations take over the
government, that is what has been defined as fascism.

Do you think that's where we're at?"

Klein agrees, adding: "You could call it crony capitalism, you could call it
corporatism; but it certainly not the free market."

"And, the irony is," she continues, "it's the free market ideology that gets
used to propel this vision forward which has absolutely nothing to do
with--it's not free for anybody but the contractors..."

Governments have historically colluded with business to manipulate the
public after traumatic events, says Klein; The Shock Doctrine, she says,
aims to prepare the public for the next disaster, as to not remain
vulnerable to big business and big government.

The following video is from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, broadcast on
October 12, 2007.

2008-08-11 10:07:32 EST

On 11-Aug-2008, "NewsToBeRead" <NewsToBeRead@USA.Com> wrote:

> Author Naomi Klein: America is succumbing to fascism

if we keep voting for the left, yes

see Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

Play the ball as it lies.
Play the course as you find it.
And if you can\ufffdt do either, do what is fair.

Freedom Fighter
2008-08-11 15:11:17 EST
<*> wrote in message
> On 11-Aug-2008, "NewsToBeRead" <NewsToBeRead@USA.Com> wrote:
>> Author Naomi Klein: America is succumbing to fascism
> if we keep voting for the left, yes

See the TRUTH - that it is the Neo-cons, the extreme RIGHT-WING, that have
led us into fascism!


It all began a hundred thousand years ago on a ledge in front of a
cave. A female homo sapiens walked by, attracting the attention of
a male. The male stepped forward and smacked her over the head with
his club. WHACK! He then dragged the unconscious female into his
cave for sex.

One day there were two males standing in front of a cave when a
female walked by. The first raised his arm to club the female, but
the second male communicated to him that clubbing females over the
head to have sex was not nice. WHACK! WHACK! The first male stepped
over the unconscious second male and proceeded to rape the female.
On that day the first liberal paid the price for expressing a new

Things didn't change much for thousands of years until the advent
of projectile weapons. This was first symbolized by the David and
Goliath story in the Bible, where the big strong brute was laid
flat by the small but smarter boy. Once brute strength was no
longer the controlling factor in social interaction, liberal ideas
slowly gained a foothold in human culture, and civilization began.

Throughout human history, the price for advocating tolerance and
progressive change has been paid in threats, beatings,
excommunication, incarceration, torture, murder, assassination, and
execution. Countless liberals have paid the ultimate price for
their humanity. Though Jesus Christ is the most famous, names in
recent history that come to mind are Gandhi, Martin Luther King
Jr., John Lennon, and Robert Kennedy.

Today there are many conservatives - individuals, groups, and
nations - who use threats and violence to silence the voices of
reason, tolerance, and progress. Here in America it is seen in
racists and homophobes beating blacks and gays, sometimes to death,
not for money or out of anger generated by interactive cause, but
because of religious or racial intolerance and secular bigotry.

Alan Berg on talk radio was a strong voice against a conservative
organization called the Aryan Nation. For thus exercising his
freedom of speech, he was shot dead while walking his dog in front
of his house.

David Rice is a man on death row in Washington State who has no
remorse whatsoever for entering the home of a family of four and
carving out their living hearts only because he heard they were
"liberals." He got their names from a Democratic Party membership

Right-wingers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols killed 168 men,
women, and children as an act of protest. What liberals have ever
committed such an abominable atrocity?

The most abominable atrocity in several decades is the 9/11
terrorist attacks in which thousands of innocent civilians were
murdered. The alleged perpetrators, Osama Bin Laden and the al
Qaeda-Taliban terrorists, epitomize the right-wing religious
fundamentalist mentality.

Some believe that the 9/11 attacks were deliberately allowed to happen,
exacerbated, or even perpetrated by radical right-wing elements within
our own government to further their fascistic agenda. Two buildings
were hit by planes, but THREE collapsed. The evidence that the three
collapsed buildings were brought down with demolition explosives put in
place BEFORE the attacks is very strong.

Arguing that such horrendous crimes are not political in nature or
that they are not done primarily by conservatives is utter
nonsense. Look back:

Who nailed who to a cross?

Who were the Loyalists to the totalitarian monarchy of King George?

Who started our Civil War to defend slavery?

Who fought to keep women as property, and now fights their
sovereignty over their own bodies in the freedom to choose

Who fought against child labor statutes?

Who fought against the concept of free public education?

Who fought against the right of women to vote?

Who fought against anti-trust and anti-monopoly legislation?

Who fought against workers organizing?

Who fought against government controls on manufacturers of cars
"unsafe at any speed?"

Who killed several thousand innocent civilians in the 9/11
terrorist attacks?

Who started WW2, murdered 13 million and caused the death of 40
million more?

Who defended Jim Crow for a hundred years?

Who fought against voting rights, civil rights, social security,
health care for the elderly, and minimum wages?

Who fights against environmental protection statutes?

Who opposes equal rights for gays and other free-lifestyle

Who cruelly opposes physician-assisted dying for suffering,
terminally ill patients soon to die anyway?

Who is sabotaging the separation of Church and State, and all our
other Constitutional rights, freedoms, and protections?

Who are the moralizing hypocrites forcing their puritanical
inhibitions and prohibitions on ALL Americans via legislation and
draconian, police-state enforcement practices?

Who always puts personal gain and corporate wealth and power above
the common good?


The historic, undeniable truth is that these evils are THE NATURE

Conservatives have distorted and demonized the word "liberal,"
whose true political meaning is favoring progressive change,
humanistic values, and opposition to authoritarianism. They
identify it with governmental waste and tolerance of criminality,
when in fact they themselves are guilty of abuses such as corporate
welfare bail-outs and tax evasion, fraud against investors, and
other white-collar crime. Conservatives fear and oppose all change
and progress beyond "what's in it for me?"

At the core of conservatism is the Machiavellian bully - the
despotic practitioner of "might makes right," craving wealth and
power, and willing to use any and all means to get them.
Conservatism is the philosophy of the caveman wearing a business


2008-08-11 20:44:47 EST

Did you ever wonder why America is declining in popularity around
the world, and especially in Europe?

Perhaps it might have something to do with America's increasingly
common image as a puppet-state of International Jewry. Perhaps it
might also have something to do with growing European resentment
toward being bossed around by U.S. Congressmen who are first and
foremost lackeys of the Jewish power structure. Yes, that's right
-- United States Congressmen are spending more and more of their
time instructing European nations about what steps they should
take to control the growing awareness of destructive Jewish
behaviors throughout Europe. Not only has entrance into NATO for
some nations been predicated upon approval by the American Jewish
Committee, but there exists a little known official U.S.
Government agency called "The Commission on Security and
Cooperation in Europe", also known as "The Helsinki Commission,"
which consists of nine members from the United States Senate,
nine members from the House of Representatives, and one member
each from the Departments of State, Defense and Commerce. A
professional staff assists the Commissioners in their work -- and
a glance at their website at <> will readily
confirm that their work has recently focused on squelching
justifiable criticism of Jewish involvement in the national and
international affairs of European nations -- or what they refer
to as "combating anti-Semitism." Our American tax dollars are not
only being spent to support an illegitimate Jewish theocracy
(Israel), but we are also funding American intervention in
European affairs on behalf of International Jewry.

Led by Congressman Christopher Smith of New Jersey, "our"
congress is working feverishly to coerce European leaders to
further suppress any criticism of Jewish activities, no matter
how mild that criticism may be. In the April 30, 2003 edition of
the Congressional Record you will find examples of Smith's
shameless application of political pressure on sovereign European

>From [United States of America PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE
108th CONGRESS, FIRST SESSION Vol. 149 Washington, Wednesday,
April 30, 2003], we read Smith's own words as he says

"The U.S. Helsinki Commission, which I co-chair, has worked with
the Museum on several occasions, from pushing for the release of
documents from the Romani concentration camp in Lety, Czech
Republic, to urging Romania to give greater meaning to its stated
commitment of rejecting anti-Semitism by removing Antonescu
statues from public lands. In response to the alarming spike of
anti-Semitic incidents found last summer in Europe, myself and
other Members of the Commission have been very active in urging
governments and elected officials to denounce the violence and
ensure their laws are enabled to prosecute the perpetrators. In
support of this effort, I have introduced H. Con. Res. 49,
urging, among other things, European states to 'promote the
creation of educational efforts throughout the region
encompassing the participating States of the OSCE to counter
anti-Semitic stereotypes and attitudes among younger people,
increase Holocaust awareness programs, and help identify the
necessary resources to accomplish this goal.' It is my hope that
other countries will copy the unique and effective model of the
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum."

Smith is not alone in his demands. Congressman Joseph Crowley of
New York wants to suppress any critical discussion of Jewish

"Mr. Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to address this
distinguished forum. I am greatly concerned by the rise of
anti-Semitism throughout the OSCE region....In the 21st century,
countries in Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia should not
witness attacks against Jews... Nor should these countries
tolerate the hatred spewed by skinheads and other radical groups
throughout the region. Such hatred has brought catastrophe to the
region in our lifetimes already, and we must ensure that the
fields of Europe and Asia are not sown with the seeds of
intolerance ever again. It is the responsibility of the OSCE
governments to set a zero tolerance policy for anti-Semitic
speech and acts. In their OSCE commitments, all governments
pledged to condemn anti-Semitism unequivocally and take effective
measures to... prosecute those who commit such hate crimes..."

The OSCE site also features the speech of one Juliane
Danker-Wetze, who bewails the fact that some European thinkers
are starting to connect the dots and find that they form a Star
of David:

"Jews are imagined [sic] to be a national and international
influential group who allegedly exert a bad influence on or even
steer politics, the economy and the media, which is a way of
expressing the old anti-Semitic prejudice of hidden Jewish
[<> ]

And the so-called Helsinki Commission, which was founded in 1976
supposedly to further human rights under Soviet Communism,
recently heard from one of the main opponents of the right of
free speech, none other than the Jewish ADL. [
<> ] Though they
sugar-coat the language, what the ADL is really "pushing" (their
word) the supine Congressmen to do is to make criticism of our
'superhuman' self-chosen masters illegal. The Jewish Telegraphic
Agency informs us:

"Jewish leaders are pushing the White House and Congress to take
a firmer stance against European anti-Semitism. A group of German
and American lawmakers heard Tuesday from Jewish leaders who
expressed concern about the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. The
Jewish leaders also suggested ways to combat anti-Semitism in
states that participate in the Organization for Security and
Cooperation in Europe. 'Many European Jews today feel more
vulnerable, disillusioned and frightened than at any time since
the Holocaust,' said Ambassador Alfred Moses, past president of
the American Jewish Committee and a former U.S. ambassador to
Romania. 'I know from my personal experience that anti-Semitism
is never far below the surface in Central and Eastern Europe.'
The Anti-Defamation League presented a series of recommendations
on combating the problem, including urging political leaders to
speak out against bigotry, strengthening administrative, legal
and monitoring instruments and using educational initiatives.
'While the last century witnessed the most heinous results of
bigotry unchecked, fortunately we also have witnessed in our
lifetime powerful examples of how strong U.S. and German
leadership have brought about dramatic change,' said Kenneth
Jacobson, ADL's associate national director. 'America and
Germany, each having learned painful lessons from their
respective past experiences with the danger of bigotry, are
uniquely positioned to lead the OSCE' ...The visit to Washington
by members of the German Bundestag was a follow-up to a July
session in Berlin on anti-Semitism. Moses noted that incidents of
anti-Semitism have risen in Europe because of the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel's ties to the United States
and the momentum that right-wing groups have been gaining in some
European countries. U.S. and German lawmakers signed a letter of
intent to strengthen their work against anti-Semitism, use
educational initiatives and urge other parliaments to follow
their lead."

As Robert Faurisson once said at a meeting in Washington, D.C.
"by 'human rights' is usually meant 'Jewish rights'" -- which
follows the notion, enshrined in the Jewish 'holy book,' the
Talmud, that only Jews are human and that non-Jews are equivalent
to beasts. And isn't that what the Helsinki Commission is
currently all about? -- keeping the European cattle from getting
too uppity and questioning their keepers and questioning why they
are kept in economic and political pens?

The Helsinki Commission isn't the only group under the thumb of
organized Jews, manipulating governments behind the scenes. A
secretive group with the Orwellian-sounding name of the 'Office
of Special Plans' also deserves our attention.

The 'Office of Special Plans' is nominally within the Pentagon
and is headed by a Jew named Abram Shulsky. It is of very recent
incarnation, having been created by several Jewish handlers of
George Bush with the explicit purpose of expanding the U.S.-led
war for Israel in the Mideast.

The Jews who came to power under Bush, or rather over Bush, saw
9/11 as an almost heaven-sent opportunity to get the despised
Americans crying tears for their dead countrymen (the deaths of
whom the Israeli Mossad, who had been following Mohammed Atta for
months, probably condoned to create that very opportunity), and
to get the same stupid American goyim fired up for having
themselves and Moslem goyim slaughtered in the Middle East for
Holy Israel's sake. Afghanistan was their first and easy target,
but Iraq was a harder nut to crack.

The neoconservative Jews' thirst for Iraqi blood began years
before 9-11, of course, as did their determination to find a
justification for spilling it. As early as March 2001, Richard
Perle, then Bush's new chairman of the Defense Policy Board, made
the claim that Iraq almost certainly had nuclear weapons. [
<> ] In one of the most bizarre cases of
Jewish triplespeak I have ever heard, Perle actually argued
before Congress that Saddam had to have these weapons
specifically because our intelligence indicated that he did not:
"Does Saddam now have weapons of mass destruction? Sure he does.
How far he's gone on the nuclear-weapon side I don't think we
really know. My guess is it's further than we think. It's always
further than we think, because we limit ourselves, as we think
about this, to what we're able to prove and demonstrate." Now,
limiting yourself to what you can prove and demonstrate is
certainly dangerous. At least it is dangerous to Jews, as with
their fantastic tales of World War II persecution that are as
profitable as they are fictitious. Instead of limiting ourselves
to facts, far better for us to believe whatever tales the Jews
want us to believe and launch another world war. Now that's safe!

The Jews wanted to destroy Iraq because Iraq's secular Arab
government was a bulwark against Israeli expansionism and
aggression in the region. But that reason wasn't enough to
convince the American people. Since the hated-by-Jews Americans
were still somewhat exercised over the deaths of Americans on
9-11, the Jews decided that a case had to be made that Iraq was
somehow involved in international terrorism and possessed
so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction which could, conceivably,
threaten Americans.

The problem was that there was no evidence for this claim.

Neither the Central Intelligence Agency nor the Defense
Intelligence Agency could discover any credible evidence showing
that Iraq supported al-Qaeda -- in fact, the opposite was true.
And the CIA and the DIA also could find no evidence whatever that
Iraq possessed any of the dreaded 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'
that could threaten America. Bush's Jewish handlers found this
situation intolerable. They wanted their war and they were going
to get their war, by hook or by crook.

In the same way that they 'know' that 'God is the Jewish people'
they also 'knew' that Saddam must have nuclear, chemical, and
biological weapons capable of harming or at least frightening
Americans. It would serve their purposes if that were true, so it
must be true. The trouble was that the CIA and the DIA weren't
buying it. The facts that their extensive intelligence networks
turned up all indicated the opposite.

The frustration of Bush's Jewish handlers was profound. What to
do? Create their own intelligence-agency-lite. And so the Office
of Special Plans was born. The small group of influential Jews
who run this secretive outfit even call it -- in typically Jewish
mockery of those who expose Jewish conspiracy -- "the Cabal." [
<> ]

Starting with just two staff people and never having more than
five (compared to the CIA and DIA with their thousands of agents
and analysts worldwide) and led by the Jew Abram Shulsky, the
Office of Special Plans was designed at the outset to feed
Rumsfeld and Bush, via Wolfowitz and Feith, a series of lies
which would cause them to question the intelligence agencies'

Jewish writer Robert Dreyfuss describes the procedure:

"Rumsfeld noted that a primary purpose of the unit was to provide
him with ammunition that he could use to harass the CIA staffer
who briefs him every morning. 'In comes the briefer, and she
walks through the daily brief and I ask questions,' said
Rumsfeld. 'What I could do is say, Gee, what about this? Or what
about that? Has somebody thought of this?' Using powerful
computers and having access to reams of intelligence factoids,
Feith's team could create a steady stream of data bits that
Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Feith himself could use to pick apart the
CIA's conclusions, sending the CIA's collectors and analysts back
to rewrite their reports." And, of course, preventing the real
intelligence reports from being believed and from giving the
President any second thoughts about obeying any of the orders of
the neoconservative Jews who surround him.

W. Patrick Lang, former chief of Middle East intelligence at the
D.I.A., admitted that this group has pulled a real coup and has
"...banded together to dominate the government's foreign policy,
and they've pulled it off. They're running Chalabi. The D.I.A.
has been intimidated and beaten to a pulp. And there's no guts at
all in the C.I.A.."

Jewish writer Seymour Hersh, writing in The New Yorker, quotes an
unnamed Pentagon advisor who worked with the Office of Special
Plans as crowing about Wolfowitz, Shulsky, and their coup: "I'd
love to be the historian who writes the story of how this small
group of eight or nine people made the case and won," defeating
the combined might of the CIA and DIA.

Shulsky has had a long relationship with the Jewish power
structure, and is described as the intellectual heir of Jewish
philosopher Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago, a person
who, for some unknown reason, decided to flee Europe in 1937.
Shulsky and Wolfowitz both received their doctorates under
Strauss in 1972. It is most revealing, I think, to consider
Wolfowitz and Shulsky as students of Strauss when one of
Strauss's major themes as a philosopher, according to Stephen
Holmes, a law professor at New York University, was the idea that
"philosophers need to tell noble lies not only to the people at
large but also to powerful politicians." I'll say that again -- a
guiding principle of this small Jewish cabal that even calls
itself "the Cabal" that tells our government what to do is that
"philosophers need to tell noble lies not only to the people at
large but also to powerful politicians." "Noble lies," of course,
are lies which advance the interests of the Jews.

Vincent Cannistraro, the former head of anti-terrorism operations
and analysis at the C.I.A., stated of this Jewish group: "...they
all work together. This has been going on since the
nineteen-eighties, but they've never been able to coalesce as
they have now. September 11th gave them the opportunity, and now
they're in heaven. They believe the intelligence is there. They
want to believe it. It has to be there."

The Office of Special Plans also had a very cozy relationship
with the criminal and con-man Ahmed Chalabi of the so-called
Iraqi National Congress, who is very eager to become the Jews'
front man in Iraq, and who "cooperated" by making up stories
which could then be attributed to "Iraqi defectors" when recited
for the President. Experienced intelligence analysts dismiss the
tales told by Chalabi as totally worthless fictions.
[ <> ]
Columnist Harold Meyerson calls what the Office of Special Plans
did "faith-based intelligence." I call it Shilling for Sharon.
The short name of course, is simply lying. And these liars not
only influenced our not-so-bright leaders, but fed their false
stories to the mainly Jewish-controlled media who used them
influence the public to support the Jews' new war.

The Jews' plan worked quite well. They got the ear of the
President, his superstitious heart, and his easily-befuddled
brain. They got their war. But it was all based on lies. It has
been many weeks since the fall of Iraq, and no evidence of Iraqi
"Weapons of Mass Destruction" have been found. Even Task Force
75, the armed services team specifically created to root out
Saddam's supposedly hidden and supposedly illegal arsenal has
found nothing and is actually closing up shop.

The Office of Special Plans is nothing but an odious Jewish lie

It is this Jewish lie factory that will soon attempt to start
another war, this time for 'regime change' in Iran. [
<> ] They're already gearing up for a battle
with diplomats in the State Department who oppose the Iranian
step in the Jews' world war. They're already arranging meetings
between a pretender to the Iranian throne and Ariel Sharon.
William Kristol's Weekly Standard is already banging the war
drums against Iran, and another Jew, Michael Rubin, is already
concentrating on Iran from within Shulsky's Office of Special
Plans. We told you months ago on American Dissident Voices that
this was going to happen, and the Office of Special Plans is
making our prediction come true.

It is from this Jewish lie factory that came the tales that Colin
Powell told the UN about Iraq's purchase of nuclear material from
Nigeria. It is from this Jewish lie factory that the story of a
"ring" of chemical weapons around Baghdad originated. It is from
this Jewish lie factory that came the 'revelation' that al-Qaeda
and Saddam were allies. It is this Jewish lie factory that killed
innocent children and blew off their heads and arms and legs. It
is this Jewish lie factory that killed your son and maimed your

Their intelligence was worthless. Their lies were priceless.
You're being killed because you believe in the emperor's new
clothes. The purpose of this program is to stop you from
believing in lies; to help you understand how you are being
ruled; to help you see reality; to save your family, your
country, and your life.

Freedom Fighter
2008-08-12 18:38:20 EST
"Topaz" <> wrote in message
> Did you ever wonder why America is declining in popularity around
> the world, and especially in Europe?

Yes, because of the bullying, imperialistic aggressions of the RIGHT WING

2008-08-13 06:41:07 EST
On Tue, 12 Aug 2008 22:38:20 GMT, "Freedom Fighter" <>

>"Topaz" <> wrote in message
>> Did you ever wonder why America is declining in popularity around
>> the world, and especially in Europe?
>Yes, because of the bullying, imperialistic aggressions of the RIGHT WING

The myth that neo-cons are "right wing" started with the communist

Neo-cons are libertarians. Capitalism is libertarian. Their huffing
and puffing about homosexual perversion does not mean they are going
to outlaw it. They can't outlaw it, they are libertarians and stand
for "smaller government".

It all began with the Christian right, these people were against
homosexual perversion, prostitution, pornography, abortion, drugs,
gambling, etc. They were as un-libertarian as you can get.

Then the Communists, (communism was Jewish), began to slaughter
Christians by the millions. So then it was assumed that the "right
wing" must be the opposite of Communism.

Even though Communists are libertarian at heart:

Here is what the real Communist Ron Allen wrote:
Although there were and are differences between the anarchists and the
Marxists, nevertheless the libertarian marxists believe that the
possible, anticipated future they both desire and demand will be an
anarchist future, not an authoritarian future. The hope that the
state will wither away is a marxist hope, and the will to abolish the
state is an anarchist will.

This is from the Communist party USA
"Communists advocate socialism as the first phase of a new stage of
society, but we don't think that social and economic development will
end at socialism. We see socialist society eventually leading to a
higher phase-communism-where the capitalist class and all classes will
have disappeared, replaced by a commonwealth of all working people,
and where national and racial enmity and prejudice will be things of
the past. In communist society, the essentials of life will be
plentiful and readily available to all, and the repressive apparatus
of government will wither away leaving purely administrative

Even though the Communists believed in libertarianism, the Soviet
Union was anything but.

The Communists pretended to be for "the workers", but they were
correctly against Capitalism.

So then it was assumed that the right wing must be for Capitalism and
therefore for libertarianism.

What we have is a media (which is also Jewish) telling us that the
only legitimate opponants of Jewish liberalism are the Capitalists,
and the "right wing" are supposedly the libertarian capitalists.

The neo-cons are nothing but the Jews and the minions of Jews.

The original "Christian right" is forgotten. And on their list of
evils, homosexual perversion, prostitution etc, greed should also be
on that list. Capitalism should be on their list of evils.

2008-08-13 10:28:12 EST
a* wrote in news:48a047a4$0$26205

> On 11-Aug-2008, "NewsToBeRead" <NewsToBeRead@USA.Com> wrote:
>> Author Naomi Klein: America is succumbing to fascism
> if we keep voting for the left, yes
> see Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

truly delusional!

Freedom Fighter
2008-08-13 15:15:10 EST
"Topaz" <> wrote in message
> On Tue, 12 Aug 2008 22:38:20 GMT, "Freedom Fighter" <>
> wrote:
>>"Topaz" <> wrote in message
>>> Did you ever wonder why America is declining in popularity around
>>> the world, and especially in Europe?
>>Yes, because of the bullying, imperialistic aggressions of the RIGHT WING

> The myth that neo-cons are "right wing" started with the communist
> menace.

WHAT menace? The one that existed mainly in paranoid McCarthyist minds?

> Neo-cons are libertarians.

To say this, you must be delusional. The personal freedoms and rights of
American citizens - or anyone - are the LAST thing these facscists care

> Capitalism is libertarian. Their huffing
> and puffing about homosexual perversion does not mean they are going
> to outlaw it. They can't outlaw it, they are libertarians and stand
> for "smaller government".

Your homophobia is becoming obsessive. See a shrink!

Your rants are not worth any more of my time -

2008-08-14 19:59:13 EST
On Wed, 13 Aug 2008 19:15:10 GMT, "Freedom Fighter" <>

>WHAT menace? The one that existed mainly in paranoid McCarthyist minds?

Here is a letter by Otto Deissenroth, Military Post Number 12 827D
In the East, 30.7.1941

Dear Comrade Karl !
I write this letter from the desolation of a Ukrainian forest village,
40 kilometers from Kiev, which we hope to capture in a few days. The
fruitful land of the Ukraine is all around us, but 20 years of
Bolshevist mismanagement have brought it to ruin. The poverty, misery
and filth we have seen and experienced in the past weeks is
indescribable. You back home cannot imagine the terrible results of
Bolshevism in this fruitful land. Everything that we formerly read in
newspapers and books pales in the face of the terrible reality. Our
eyes look in vain for some sign of construction, for a trace of
progress, for a bit of culture. We yearn for the sight of a clean
house, an orderly street, a few tended gardens, a few trees! Wherever
we look there is filth, decay, desolation, misery, death and
suffering! Everywhere we see the ghost of Bolshevism in the tortured
look of farmers, the blank stares of captives, the hundreds of
murdered people, the farm houses of impoverished buildings and ruined
houses. I sometimes think it is all the work of the devil.

The land was rich when it was inhabited by German, Ukrainian, Czech
and Polish farmers. Then Bolshevism came, and with it enormous misery.
Everything that was prosperous or cultured was killed or burned. I
spoke with dozens of people whose family members, fathers, husbands,
brothers and sons perished somewhere in Murmansk, Siberia or the icy
north. Thousands died during the great famine, particularly in
1932-1933. Thousands more ended up in prisons and jails. The misery of
those freed from Bolshevism is indescribable. Any free expression was
prohibited, any movement banned.

Everything in nature that was beautiful, good and free was destroyed.
Everything created by God was exterminated! They took the blessing
from the land and the soul from the people. They reduced them to the
level of animals, impotent, miserable enslaved animals with no hope of
life who did not know if they would be alive tomorrow, who lived from
hand to mouth, and were happy only when someone killed them. Hell can
be no worse that this "Soviet paradise." There is no hope of
salvation. What Bolshevism has done to humanity is a sin against God,
a crime one cannot begin to understand. Every German who formerly
thought Bolshevism was a worthy idea and who threatened we National
Socialists with death and bloodshed only because we didn't believe in
this nonsense should be ashamed! We were right! We are all shaken and
moved as we face this misery, this suffering, this hopeless Bolshevist
life. They stole everything from these people except the very air they
breathed. The land they inherited from their fathers became a
collective, the property of the state, and they became slaves worse
than those of the darkest Middle Ages in Germany. They had a tiny plot
of land of their own, and even that was heavily taxed. They had to
report to the collective's commissars each morning, work the whole
day, even Sunday, with no free time. They belonged to the state. They
were supposedly paid, but rarely saw the money. They got 33 kopeks a
day, about a third of a Mark. They owned no plow, no spade, no wagon,
no yoke. Everything supposedly belonged to everyone, everything
belonged to the state.

The Jews and party bigwigs lived in prosperity, the farmers had only
hunger, misery, work and death. No one felt himself responsible for
the soil, no one felt the love we Germans have for our homeland, for
the soil that is ours. The knowledge of blood and soil had died out. I
spoke with 30-year-olds who did not understand the concept of
property. They had been educated in Soviet schools. That explains why
they had no sense of culture, no need for it. Their homes are empty,
cold and desolate, much poorer than in Poland. No pictures, no flowers
break the desolation. The art of cooking also disappeared, given the
food shortages. The daily diet consists of milk and bread, along with
a bit of honey and a few potatoes. When one see this dismal poverty,
one is reminded that these Bolshevist animals wanted to bring culture
to us industrious, clean and creative Germans. How God has blessed us!
How justified is the Führer's claim to European leadership! The
poorest German village is a pearl in comparison to these ruined
Russian villages.

Sometimes as I face the thousands of murdered people that we found in
the cities and villages, and in the numerous occasions where we found
women and children wailing over the corpses of their family members,
or when they asked us to free their men who had been hauled off just
before we arrived, I see the Führer before me. He saved an enslaved
and raped humanity, giving it once more divine freedom and the
blessing of a worthy existence. The last and deepest reason for this
war is to restore the natural and godly order. It is a battle against
slavery, against Bolshevist insanity. I am proud, deeply proud, that I
may fight against this Bolshevist monster, fighting once again the
enemy I fought to destroy during the hard years of struggle in
Germany. I am proud of the wounds I suffered during the election
battles in Germany, and I am proud of my new wounds, and of the medal
that I now wear. It is as if the people here are awakening from a deep
sleep. They cannot yet believe in their new freedom; they do not know
where to begin. They sit down and wait for orders. Now they have them:
"Go back to work, harvest the fields, now you have your own home."
That is what all the posters say, and one sees the masses at work in
the fields. Man and nature are free again, God has his place once
more, his eternal order has been restored. We National Socialist
soldiers of Adolf Hitler have restored the godly order, though some
call us heathens. That is the way life is. And what did those who
spoke about God do? Ask them!"

The Soviet Union was in fact a paradise for one group: the Jews. Even
at times when for foreign policy reasons Jews were less evident in the
government, or when they ruled through straw men, the Jews were always
visible in the middle and lower levels of the administration. During
the whole period of the red dictatorship, they were the beneficiaries.
This was clearest in the small nations that the Soviet Union was using
to prepare for its attack on the Greater German Reich after the
outbreak of Churchill's war, above all in the Baltic states.

Fred Fallnbigl wrote to his Parents in Salzburg, 17.7.41

I wrote in my last two letters about Russian atrocities, and could
fill volumes more.
But a bit more from the Soviet Paradise. I'll especially tell you
about things that happened in Lemberg-Tarnopol and Tromborla.
Tromborla is due south of Tarnopol. I saw the prisons in Lemberg, and
saw things that struck me deeply. There were men with their ears and
noses cut off, etc. They had nailed children alive by their hands and
feet to the wall, butchering them. The blood was ankle deep. It didn't
make any difference if they were alive or dead. They doused the piles
of bodies with gasoline and set them on fire. The stench was terrible.
I saw similar things in Tarnopol and Tromborla. In T. seven Ukrainians
were hauled out of their beds after the Germans had arrived. The next
morning their bodies were found in the woods, beaten until they were
unrecognizable. I have seen all of this myself, they are not matters I
heard about. Feel free to tell them to others, particularly those who
may still think well of the Soviet Union.

I always think how fortunate we are that this scourge of humanity
never made it to our country. I don't think that even years of
preparation would make Germans capable of such atrocities

Paul Rubelt, Military Post Number 34 539 F, wrote to Miss Grete Egger,
Lebring 71, Steieirark:
"I was in Lemberg yesterday and saw a bloodbath. It was terrible. Many
had their skin stripped off, men were castrated, their eyes poked out,
arms or legs chopped off. Some were nailed to the wall, 30-40 were
sealed into a small room and suffocated. About 650 people in this area
must have died in such ways. The stench can be endured only if one
smokes a cigarette and keeps a handkerchief over one's nose. The Jews
did most of it. Now they have to dig the graves. The culprits will be
shot. Many already died because of the stench. In this city they even
opened graves and defiled the corpses. It is terrible. One can hardly
believe that such people exist."

There are few families in Germany today who do not have a member,
and therefore an eyewitness of Bolshevism. These letters already
circulate within families and factories, villages and party local
groups. Now they reach millions who are working for victory, giving
them a broader picture of the experiences and impressions of their
brothers and sons.

No one will put this pamphlet down without being deeply moved. His
thoughts will then turn to the Führer, the man who in the midst of
Germany's deepest disgrace was the first to recognize and oppose the
communist enemy. The few units of the SA and the SS that opposed the
Bolshevist-Jewish enemy when Moscow's terror still prevailed in the
streets of our great cities, when Red revolution threatened whole
states and provinces of the Reich, and Moscow's Foreign Legion
murdered German men on German soil, now have the whole German people
with them. The enormous columns of German regiments and divisions are
striking Bolshevism deep in Russia. At the right time and with careful
forethought, the Führer, side by side with all the awakened European
nations, gave the command to save the West. The decision was
difficult, the scale of the struggle vast, and the results tremendous.

Everyone today can see that the order given on 22 June 1941 was the
greatest decision in Europe's life. The Bolshevist armies that today
are being destroyed by the blows of the German army, blows from which
they will never recover, were ready to attack Europe. Despite the
treaties, the Bolshevist leaders were ready to attack when the hour
was right. The presumed state of workers and soldiers had secret
agreements with the plutocracies and capitalism. They were preparing
the way for World Jewry to take over Central Europe.

If Stalin's tanks and planes had crossed our borders, it would have
been the end of everything noble and beautiful in the world. Europe
would have been filled with enslaved masses like the prisoners our
soldiers find today in the East. A whole part of the world would have
fallen into filth and misery if Adolf Hitler had not at the last
moment intervened to forever eliminate the criminal danger.

We may not forget it. Moscow's criminals are praised as heroes and
defenders of culture every day by the English and American press.
People in London and New York pray for these animals in human form,
and thousands of Jewish editors, speakers and radio announcers are at
work recruiting American youth to shed their blood for these

This lying and decaying world of plutocracy along with its Bolshevist
allies may not and will not win. No sacrifice is too great in
comparison to what is at risk, and what victory will bring us in the

>> Neo-cons are libertarians.
>To say this, you must be delusional. The personal freedoms and rights of
>American citizens - or anyone - are the LAST thing these facscists care

In March 1937 Mussolini made a spectacular state visit to Libya, where
he opened a new military highway running the entire length of the
colon., He had himself declared protector of Islam and was presented
with a symbolic sword.

the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini arranged for Muslim notables
from Italian-ruled Libya to gird him with the "sword of Islam" during
a visit to Tripoli. "Muslims may rest assured," Mussolini intoned on
that occasion, "that Italy will always be the friend and protector of
Islam throughout the world." His foreign minister declared Muslim
values perfectly compatible with fascism: "The Islamic world, in
accordance with its traditions, loves in the Duce the wisdom of the
statesman united to the action of the warrior."74

Mussolini vows to help the Palestinian cause against the Jews.

>Your homophobia is becoming obsessive. See a shrink!

Shrinks used to say homosexual perverts were perverted. Now the
shrinks are politically correct. Here's why:

"Thus another weapon beside that of freemasonry would have to be
secured. This was the Press. The Jew exercised all his skill and
tenacity in getting hold of it. By means of the Press he began
gradually to control public life in its entirety."

Mein Kampf
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