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The Day Of The Rope: From Wm. Pierce
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2009-05-02 21:48:26 EST
The Turner Diaries

Chapter 23

August 1, 1993. Today has been the Day of the Rope -a grim and bloody day, but an unavoidable one. Tonight, for the first time in weeks, it is quiet and totally peaceful throughout all of southern California. But the night is filled with silent horrors; from tens of thousands of lampposts, power poles, and trees throughout this vast metropolitan area the grisly forms hang.
In the lighted areas one sees them everywhere. Even the street signs at intersections have been pressed into service, and at practically every street corner I passed this evening on my way to HQ there was a dangling corpse, four at every intersection. Hanging from a single overpass only about a mile from here is a group of about 30, each with an identical placard around its neck bearing the printed legend, "I betrayed my race." Two or three of that group had been decked out in academic robes before they were strung up, and the whole batch are apparently faculty members from the nearby UCLA campus.
In the areas to which we have not yet restored electrical power the corpses are less visible, but the feeling of horror in the air there is even worse than in the lighted areas. I had to walk through a two-block-long, unlighted residential section between HQ and my living quarters after our unit meeting tonight. In the middle of one of the unlighted blocks I saw what appeared to be a person standing on the sidewalk directly in front of me. As I approached the silent figure, whose features were hidden in the shadow of a large tree overhanging the sidewalk, it remained motionless, blocking my way.
Feeling some apprehension, I slipped my pistol out of its holster. Then, when I was within a dozen feet of the figure, which had been facing away from me, it began turning slowly toward me. There was something indescribably eerie about the movement, and I stopped in my tracks as the figure continued to turn. A slight breeze rustled the foliage overhead, and suddenly a beam of moonlight broke through the leaves and fell directly on the silently turning shape before me.
The first thing I saw in the moonlight was the placard with its legend in large, block letters: "I defiled my race." Above the placard leered the horribly bloated, purplish face of a young woman, her eyes wide open and bulging, her mouth agape. Finally I could make out the thin, vertical line of rope disappearing into the branches above. Apparently the rope had slipped a bit or the branch to which it was tied had sagged, until the woman's feet were resting on the pavement, giving the uncanny appearance of a corpse standing upright of its own volition.
I shuddered and quickly went on my way. There are many thousands of hanging female corpses like that in this city tonight, all wearing identical placards around their necks. They are the White women who were married to or living with Blacks, with Jews, or with other non-White males.
There are also a number of men wearing the l-defiled-my-race placard, but the women easily outnumber them seven or eight to one. On the other hand, about ninety per cent of the corpses with the I-betrayed-my-race placards are men, and overall the sexes seem to be roughly balanced.
Those wearing the latter placards are the politicians, the lawyers, the businessmen, the TV newscasters, the newspaper reporters and editors, the judges, the teachers, the school officials, the "civic leaders," the bureaucrats, the preachers, and all the others who, for reasons of career or status or votes or whatever, helped promote or implement the System's racial program. The System had already paid them their 30 pieces of
silver. Today we paid them.

Kenneth McVay OBC
2009-05-03 01:15:49 EST

His opponents called him the most dangerous man in America - a leader who, like Charles
Manson, inspired his fanatical followers to revolting acts of violence intended to spark
a race war. To his supporters, he was a scholarly priest in a movement otherwise
characterized by misfits, heathens and petty criminals.

And to those who claim to be truly in the know, he was the PT Barnum of the White Power
movement, fleecing the disgruntled of a few dollars and building an empire dedicated to
feeding, clothing, and erecting a temple to himself.

Meet Dr. William Pierce. If he wasn't otherwise occupied offering footrubs to Hitler in
Hell, he might agree with all of it.

Best known as the author of The Turner Diaries, William Luther Pierce was born in Jim
Crow's own Atlanta, Georgia on the ill-starred day of September 11, 1933. He earned his
masters degree and a doctorate from the University of Colorado and, for four years
beginning in 1962, served as an assistant professor of physics at Oregon State

But though he would cling to the honorarium of "doctor" for the rest of his life, William
Pierce would be horrified if he were remembered as a beaker-breaker balancing test tubes.
His real "work," to the extent that he ever did, was perpetuating the most hackneyed,
empty clich\ufffds and abominable lies in history. In his own words, he would have liked to
have been remembered a loyal successor to the ideas of the one-testicled monster he
called simply "The Great One": Adolf Hitler.


Pierce's first foray into the world of radical politics (aside from kicking a few blacks
out of whitey's segregated urinals back home) was in that great incubator of dangerous
loners, the John Birch Society. Though he would later denounce the Birchites as
government stoolies, they provided Pierce with a circle of like-minded men big on the
white in the red-white-and-blue.

In 1966, Pierce ended his academic career at Oregon State and moved to Washington, DC,
where he offered his intellectual prowess to the American Nazi Party of George Lincoln
Rockwell. When Rockwell was assassinated by a disgruntled follower the following year,
Pierce was already in control of the Party's "intellectual" journal, National Socialist
World, and well-placed for a dramatic rise through the minuscule party rank-and-file. He
had a reputation as a stickler for ideology; by the time he left the organization, Pierce
had assumed the rather gaudy title of Information Officer.

Though he always cultivated his image as a great thinker, Pierce knew how to charm the
low-brow racists in the movement just as well. According to famed Washington Post
columnist Jack Anderson, in 1968 Pierce supplemented his paltry party wages through
"selling 'Negro control equipment' out of his Virginia home. His 'equipment' ranged from
riot guns to chemical mace."


But few minority movements (as Pierce's followers would later discover) long survive the
passing of a charismatic founder. The American Nazi Party (which had to rename itself the
National Socialist White People's Party) fell apart after "Commander" Rockwell's murder.
The smell of blood for professional haters had shifted to the corner of the kiddie pool
heated by the piddle of George Wallace, the Alabama governor and ardent segregationist.
The good governor's youth organization during his failed 1968 presidential election
gambit, Youth for Wallace, reorganized itself under the guidance of Willis Carto -
Pierce's chief rival as an intellectual Nazi for the next thirty years. The new group
emerged as the National Youth Alliance, dedicated to fighting anarchy on college campuses
and Black Power in America's heartland.

However whacked they really were, a movement with mainstream aspirations seems an odd fit
for a graduate of Rockwell's brownshirts. Carto had carved out a unique place for himself
in the political spectrum. Under euphemisms like "conservatism" and "populism," Carto's
Liberty Lobby sold a steady diet of Holocaust Revisionism and anti-Semitism to
well-heeled Washingtonians for three generations. His causes were as "mainstream" as the
swastika, but somewhat veiled. It was Hitlerism in a Brooks Brothers suit.

The frontman Carto placed at the head of the NYA as the "National Organizer," Louis T.
Byers, clashed with Carto over the direction of the movement. With $40,000 in debts, the
NYA appeared to be heading toward dissolution when Byers brought in some of his pals from
the shady side of right-wing kookery. Byers kicked himself upstairs as the NYA's
president, with ANP alum Robert A. Lloyd taking over his old post. In charge of the
movement's tabloid newspaper - subtly titled Attack! - was the purest Nazi of them all:
Dr. William L. Pierce.

Pierce's influence was felt immediately. Issue #6 of Attack!, published in the Summer of
1971, was a call to arms. "It is no longer possible to cure the System... by
Constitutional methods," Pierce wrote, grouping Carto with the gub'mint in his
crosshairs. In the Fall of 1971, Pierce spelled it out for the movements more
thick-headed readers. "We must think... in terms of assassinating federal judges," he
wrote, "of burning the stores of businessmen who act as if they are more interested in
what's good for business than what's good for White Americans, of harshly punishing
Whites - male or female - who fraternize sexually with non-whites."

In a section titled "Revolutionary Notes," Pierce played a demonic Martha Stewart,
offering helpful tips to homemakers and homewreckers on building a variety of bombs. He
mused that, for a talented terrorist, a dozen or so incendiary devices concealed in
something as innocuous as a thermos bottle (there were useful diagrams on how one might
be built) could paralyze an entire city. As Paul Valentine noted in the Washington Post,
the language of Pierce's Attack! was "barely distinguishable from that of many radical
left journals" - and this at a time when the Weathermen were delivering some of their
greatest hits. As for the concept of talented terrorists, Pierce would mine these
heavenly boughs again.


Like a true politician, Pierce never became so overwhelmed by his own rhetoric that he
lost touch with reality. Had he continued in the same strident direction he had taken
Attack!, the National Youth Alliance would have been forced to initiate some of the
violent acts they described - something Pierce had no intention of doing.

For the next 30 years, Pierce jumped back and forth, from passive propaganda and
"education" to angry calls for retribution against blacks, Jews, and "the infernal Yellow
tide." It would have required a nimble band of Nazis in legwarmers to keep up with their
leader's fancy footwork, but few of his followers stuck around long enough to notice
Pierce repeating the same steps.

Firmly in control of the NYA, in 1972 Pierce abruptly changed tactics. "Revolutionary
Notes" was discontinued. With the oil boycott by Arab states strangling the American
economy, the opportunity to infect millions of frustrated Americans with the subtle
poison of anti-Semitism provided a pretext for Pierce and the Alliance to realign their

The waters were warm, Pierce told the Washington Post's veteran extremist monitor, Paul
Valentine. "I've never seen anything like it," he said, describing anti-Semitic sentiment
among Americans. "We've already sold about 250,000 'blackmail' leaflets [accusing Israel
and World Jewry of manipulating White America] across the country, and we can't keep up
with the orders."

The keyword, here, is "sold." The National Alliance would encourage readers not to
reproduce or come up with their own propaganda materials - Pierce would later make that
an excommunicable offense - but send their money to Pierce to buy them in bulk. The
National Alliance sold 1,000 copies of their leaflets for $12, or 10,000 for $100.

This was financially advantageous for Pierce because, as Washington Post columnist Jack
Anderson revealed on February 26, 1973, the National Youth Alliance had finagled the IRS
into granting it tax-exempt status - which the Alliance in turn used to obtain deep
discounts on postage. "The National Youth Alliance is largely a paper organization,"
Anderson wrote, "which does little more than publish hate literature and send out appeals
for funds." One aspect had everything to do with the other.


If a single incident convinced Pierce to move in a new direction, it was the hilarious
drama that ensued when he was invited to speak at George Washington University on
February 3, 1972. Only 15 or so people showed up - and most, if not all, were there to
heckle him. One shouted that Pierce was an "ugly bastard." Pierce, the GWU student
newspaper The Hatchet later reported, "smiled sardonically at the antagonist, and
remarked, 'You think you're a pretty smart kike, don't you?'"

At this point, several people in the audience jumped to their feet and began to hurl eggs
at Pierce. One set off a stink bomb that cleared the room. In his own words, the American
Fuerher who would later sneer at "feminized wimps" whined that he was "subjected to abuse
and ridicule, and threatened with bodily harm and actually struck by approximately one
dozen eggs." A man had even threatened him - with an umbrella. The Jewish Defense League
took credit for the famous Stinkbomb Assault. Taking a page from Carto, Pierce
enthusiastically filed a nuisance lawsuit against the school, requesting some $50,000 for
the terrible damages the university had inflicted on him.


The Alliance, meanwhile, had outgrown the "Youth" tag - Pierce was now nearly forty years
old. In February 1974, Attack! announced the formation of the National Alliance, a
"superstructure for an anticipated array of specialized, coordinate groups." The National
Youth Alliance would continue as the NA's Hitler Jugend, but otherwise, the array which
was anticipated never materialized.

In Issue #37 of Attack!, Chapter Six of the serialized novel The Turner Diaries appeared.
It described how "The 'organization' stole an office/supply company truck, loaded it with
forty-four, 100 pound bags of nitrate fertilizer and parked the vehicle in the freight
platform located in the basement of the FBI headquarters building." The FBI, which had
been eavesdropping on the Alliance since it had been formed, snapped to attention - the
quote is from one of their reports on Pierce's magnum opus. (One of the Special Agents in
Charge of the renewed investigation into the National Alliance was Robert Kunkel, who
some speculate might have been moonlighting as the "Deep Throat" of Watergate fame.)

The Turner Diaries appeared in book form in 1978 (credited to the most famous of Pierce's
legion of noms de plume, Andrew Macdonald) under the imprint of the National Alliance's
publishing arm, National Vanguard Books. The novel is essentially maturbatory sci-fi for
skinheads, who instead of whacking each other over the head with sticks like kids
imitating Luke Skywalker blow up mailboxes in imitation of Earl Turner - though, on
occasion, some in Turner fandom have taken size of slightly larger targets.

In the first few chapters, the novel's protagonist describes how the government banned
all guns and dispatched the "Equality Police" - teams of grotesquely simianesque blacks -
to hunt down "white patriots." Earl Turner (whose name was inspired by Pierce's
secretary, Earl Thomas) is a member of a white racist group, The Organization, preparing
to launch an insurrection. In Chapter 6, as described, The Organization drives a truck
laden with nitrate fertilizer into the basement of FBI headquarters.

According to the latest estimate released, approximately 700 persons were killed in the
blast or subsequently died in the wreckage... It is a heavy burden of responsibility for
us to bear, since most of the victims of our bomb were only pawns who were no more
committed to the sick philosophy or the racially destructive goals of the System than we

But there is no way we can destroy the System without hurting many thousands of innocent
people - no way. It is a cancer too deeply rooted in our flesh. And if we don't destroy
the System before it destroys us - if we don't cut this cancer out of our living flesh -
our whole race will die.

Later, a plane bound for Tel Aviv is shot down (absurdly, with a "bazooka"), mortars are
fired at Congress, and Tel Aviv itself is obliterated with a nuclear warhead. But this is
nothing compared to what's in store for Asia:

[T]he Organization resorted to a combination of chemical, biological, and radiological
means, on an enormous scale, to deal with the problem. Over a period of four years some
16 million square miles of the Earth's surface, from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific
and from the Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, were effectively sterilized. Thus the
Great Eastern Waste was created.

Reading passages like these, one can almost hear the delirious sighs of orgasmic
release, and imagine a thousand grubby white hands wiping the angry seed off their
bellies with a balled-up sweat sock. Other excerpts launch the reader into tedious but
curiously elaborate descriptions on the construction of blasting caps and tactics for
avoiding the "Equality Police" or engaging in effective guerrilla warfare against the

The National Alliance was already appealing mostly to deranged loners, and The Turner
Diaries provided them with a manifesto, a bible, a training handbook and a wet dream all
in one. The spectacle of burning government buildings and massacring several continents'
worth of Jews, blacks and other minorities alighted the minds of a new generation of
racists. It's probably the most important book to emerge from the genre since Savitri
Devi's The Lightning and the Sun, if not Mein Kampf.


With the profits from Attack! (soon renamed National Vanguard), the National Alliance's
in-house bulletin (Action, soon renamed National Alliance Bulletin), a growing line of
books and reprints under the National Vanguard Books imprint and the old standby of
selling leaflets and other materials, Pierce had his audience hooked to the gills. He
developed, in the opinion of a disaffected follower, the perfect self-generating profit
system: nothing would be given away which could be sold, the profits would support the
staff, and the staff were there to sell still more. Pierce was essentially the Angry
White Man's version of Oprah, telling his followers what to think, what to do and what to
read - and then charging them for the recommendation.

Another disaffected follower characterized the Alliance as "the White Nationalist Book of
the Month Club." While other radicals bombed and killed in fruitless attempts to spark
the great conflagration, Pierce merely talked about it - and took the profits to the

With only 20 to 30 people showing up at National Alliance meetings in Washington, Pierce
shifted course again. As the "vanguard" of their new duds suggested, the Alliance
fashioned itself as the "Organization" of The Turner Diaries, plotting silently,
covertly, in wait for the End Times. In reality, the movement's sudden adoption of the
nuances of secrecy was pure artifice, a facade intended to give outsiders - the
government, Pierce's enemies as well as potential recruits - the illusion of strength.

Yet in 1976, the FBI scaled back its intelligence-gathering on the National Alliance. It
is clear from FBI reports that the organization had been heavily infiltrated, but it
didn't matter. "The NA is completely dominated by [Pierce]," the FBI noted in a report,
"and there is no organized activity outside of the North Virginia and Metropolitan
Washington area." To a group which claimed to be a revolutionary movement, the FBI
delivered the ultimate slap in the face that the organization wasn't even worth
investigating, as "the organization fails to meet the criteria established by the
domestic security guidelines." A year later, a dismissive report noted that the National
Alliance mailing list consisted of an estimated 2,000 to 5,000 names (down from the
25,000 that Byers had claimed in 1970), and the Alliance itself had "less than 100 paid
members" and "approximately 12 activists" scattered across the country.


Like all good megalomaniacs, Pierce wasn't content mulching up the brains of his
disgruntled followers. He wanted their souls, too. And so the atheist, following in the
footsteps of L. Ron Hubbard, decided to found a religion with a name just as crass as
Hubbard's ersatz creation: Cosmotheism.

The fundamentals of Cosmotheism, for what they were, didn't originate with Pierce. In
1968, Pierce had published a condensed version of Savitri Devi's The Lightning and the
Sun in the Nazi Party's National Socialist World. Devi was a confidant of George Lincoln
Rockwell, a Greek/French woman who had become entranced by the metaphysics of the
Upanishads and saw Adolf Hitler as nothing less than an Aryan prophet. Utilizing a
mythology that lacked only unicorns and mischievous little leprechauns, Devi placed the
Aryan in the American Indian's stereotyped role as a "noble savage," in tune with nature
and, like her hero Hitler, strictly vegetarian.

Pierce took a deep draught of Devi's swill and chased it down with a cocktail of
pre-Christian paganisms. Nobody ever really got high on Cosmotheism, but it did give the
National Alliance another shot at the tax-exempt status the IRS revoked from its


Pierce might have died, like Devi, a penniless old crank had it not been for the
headlines of his first famous prot\ufffdg\ufffds. On December 8, 1984, a former National
Alliance member, Robert J. Mathews, died in a shoot-out with FBI agents in Washington
State (Mathews, a quite, lumberjack-type, had even spoken at the NA's annual leadership
conference). Together with several other Alliance alumni, Mathews had formed a ring that
had one foot in the Old West cowboy gangs and the other in Earl Turner's Organization.
Mathews' boys called themselves The Order, or the Silent Brotherhood.

Mathews and the other members of The Order netted nearly $4 million dollars in armoured
car heists. They also instigated a counterfeiting ring and took time out to murder a
former member they believed had been an informer of "the System," as well as acerbic (and
Jewish) talk radio personality Alan Berg. Mathews was dead, but most of the other members
of The Order were sentenced to long prison terms.

Even before Mathews' soul began dancing with Cosmotheist angels in a white man's heaven,
the FBI launched COSCOM, the investigation of the "Cosmotheist Community Church aka the
National Alliance." Papers the conspirators left behind indicated that Mathews had been
in contact with Pierce at the height of The Order's crime spree. Among the refuse the FBI
found "several coded lists of members of 'the order'. Included in this list was the code
name 'Cookie' and the telephone number for the National Alliance, 542 23rd Street, South
Arlington, Virginia." "Cookie," the FBI alleged, was William Pierce.

Partway through the investigation, Pierce paid $95,000 - in cash - for some 350+ acres of
property in rural West Virginia as the New Jerusalem for Cosmotheism and the National
Alliance. Federal agents were determined to discover how Pierce had paid for the group's
new Mill Point, West Virginia compound (delightfully, located in a place named for the
multiculturalism that Pierce so loathed: Pocahontas County). It was alleged - but never
proven - that Pierce had received a $200,000 "donation" from Robert Mathews after the
Order heists. Similar White Nationalist groups, including the White Patriot Party of
North Carolina, received fat bags with thousands of dollars which they used (or so they
said) to build their organizations.

The FBI followed Pierce's every move for the next three years - or at least as best they
could see, as the National Alliance compound was so remote that physical surveillance,
the agents complained, was "impossible." They did, however, catch a break. Though the
Alliance referred to themselves as a "revolutionary vanguard," Pierce virtually kicked
open his front door for the federales. An anonymous NA staffer was sent off to the
Pocahontas County landfill to toss out the group's trash. After a bit of digging, FBI
agents discovered "extensive financial records, personal correspondence, computerized
National Alliance mailing lists and other significant intelligence information."

Those mailing lists, it turned out, contained the name and address of every single
individual who had ever ordered a book, a leaflet or received a letter from the National
Alliance. The Feds wouldn't have to seize their guns or create a vast computer database
to crack down on the Organization, as in the dystopia of The Turner Diaries: they simply
had to wait for Pierce's bumbling revolutionaries to reveal all themselves.


The Order case, save for a movie made by Oliver Stone, fell into the memory hole of
public consciousness, replaced by still more sensational crimes by National Alliance
members. Somehow, Pierce always avoided being charged or even heavily investigated,
though for all of the petty and grand criminality of NA members, it was pretty good for
book sales.

For a four year span beginning in 1992, the Order-inspired Aryan Republican Army bombed
and robbed their way through the Midwest. All were eager to tell prosecutors and
reporters about a great book called The Turner Diaries.

And, of course, there was Pierce's true claim to fame, when Timothy McVeigh rented a
truck, loaded it up with fertilizer and drove it into the Alfred P. Murrah Federal
Building in Oklahoma City, OK on April 19, 1995. McVeigh killed 168 people; the day
before the bombing, apparently in an attempt to psyche himself up, he had called a
National Alliance hotline and listened to a recorded message more than a half-dozen

There were also the less-publicized cases. In December 1995, a black man and woman were
murdered by a pair of 82nd Airborne personnel from Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Both
were members of a racist clique at the camp led by NA member and 82nd Airborne member
Robert Hunt. In 1997, Todd Vanbiber blinded himself when assembling pipebombs that he and
another Alliance member were constructing in order to rob a few banks.

Pierce handled the publicity with characteristic aplomb. In response to the Oklahoma City
bombing, Pierce doubled the price of The Turner Diaries and then sold the reprint rights
to Barricade Books - a publishing company with a Jewish owner. In 1991, he had started
broadcasting a radio program, American Dissident Voices; in response to the outrage, he
began printing up his ranting diatribes about Jews, mixed marriages and "Rhodesia" and
sending them out as a publication called Free Speech (notably, a right which is open to
interpretation within the National Alliance itself).


Throughout the 1970s, '80s and '90s, Pierce was absolutely consumed by his vision of a
whitewashed world. Both he and his followers bragged of his long hours at his desk and
his strained eyesight from pouring over the millions of repetitious words that poured
from his poisoned pen. His personal life - or what there was of it - is still something
that few but the organization's critics and defectors will talk about.

Central to Pierce's puritanical vision of the world was the white family. Everything
which could not be blamed on the Jews - a minutely small portion of the evil in the world
- was the fault of moral degeneracy which had sapped the honkey of his superior strength.
He exhorted his followers to be good family members and take care of their
responsibilities to their hearths.

After his death, it emerged that Pierce had virtually abandoned his first wife and their
children, leaving the burden of raising his own "beautiful White children" entirely to
their mother. None of his defenders today attempt to reconcile his lofty morals with his
atrocious behavior; after all, they have good practice in the arts of denial.

Though he couldn't find time for his wife and children, Pierce did crave female
companionship. Rumours of affairs with female volunteers and staffers were never
substantiated, but in light of the blind alleys where his heart did lead him, they
probably won't do his reputation much harm. For Pierce ordered not one but two mail-order
brides from catalogues of doe-eyed Eastern European beauties to marry. The code of
silence around the High Pope of Cosmotheism means that little is known about them, but
the first apparently caught the first Greyhound out of Pocahontas County the minute she
obtained her green card.


The National Alliance carried their war against everyone to the internet in the 1990s.
Pierce further extended the organization's revenue streams when he began buying up
so-called "hatecore" record labels - delirious white noise music about Jews, Germans and
pummeling minorities. He also paid - and apparently overpaid - a computer programmer to
create a buggy "first-person shooter" style video game called Ethnic Cleansing.

By 2002, groups such as the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center were claiming that the
National Alliance was growing at an alarming rate. How many members did they have? Even
organization insiders don't get into specifics, mostly because the reality is more dull
than either hate groups or those who fight against them want to admit. Permitting the
observation that the radical right exists in every country where it is legal (and the
sentiment even where it is not), we have to expect that a Le Pen or a Moseley will always
attract a certain number of those that Pierce himself condemned, in his last speech
before the Alliance, as "freaks" and "defectives."

All the same, it's shocking to realize that the "most dangerous" and "most organized"
hate group in the United States had less than 2000 members at its peak. It may be a
condemnation of his organizing abilities that Pierce could come up with fewer than a
dozen recruits for every year of his life he dedicated to the Alliance. But it's a
testament to his incredible ability for extracting dollars from the proverbially
downtrodden coven of White Nationalists that his organization appears to have enough
assets to remain solvent, barring catastrophe, for at least a dozen years of steady


Pierce was diagnosed with cancer in the Summer of 2002 and died after refusing treatment
on July 23rd. In keeping with the tradition of the great fascist chieftains, Pierce
refused to name a successor - probably believing, like Mussolini, that a worthy heir
would have to fight his way to the top as he did.

Pierce empowered a three-member board of directors to choose his successor. The three
settled on Erich Gliebe, the head of the NA's hatecore music division. A former boxer
that fought under the moniker "The Aryan Barbarian," Gliebe was essentially a compromise
candidate, selected because Pierce, to everyone's apparent disappointment, didn't rise
from the grave three days later.

In just over a year, the National Alliance was debilitated by the sort of in-fighting
that made Jerry Springer a millionaire. Gliebe fired his rival to the chairmanship, Billy
Roper, and then proceeded to pick off, one by one, nearly every other staffer left from
the Pierce era. When the board of directors objected, two resigned and Gliebe fired the
third. The invective that Pierce's retainers used to hurl upon National Alliance
apostates and potential challengers was now hurled by a new generation against the
retainers themselves.

The organization is now - even by creepy anti-racist groups' somewhat cautious estimates
- falling off precipitously into irrelevancy, with the paper empire that Pierce had
constructed disintegrating into decay. As was the case in Fascist Italy, decades of tight
internal controls had left a ruling class without a backbone except when cornered, and
with no other qualities other than a passionate concern for their own hides.

There's even talk - though unsubstantiated - that Gliebe will sell Pierce's mountain
hideaway - his own private idaho where Cookie was free to play fuerher in his wolf's
lair. Pierce, buried in the soil of his honkey elysium, must be turning in his grave - if
he weren't laughing that there are any suckers left that still believe in him.

Cali Ruchala
record added 2/9/04

"We all know it but they will have us believe they have absolutely no
influence on governments. Not believing it would be anti emetic."
(Kurt Knoll, Kitimat, B.C.'s Leading Revisionist Scholar)
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B.H. Cramer wrote:
> "Kenneth McVay OBC" <> wrote in message
> That's the way, faigelah. Engage in character assassination and ignore
> the message.
> How typically yid of you.
The likes of William Pierce have no character. He was a violent-minded
bigot. Too bad he didn't die a long time ago.

2009-05-03 10:57:21 EST
On May 3, 3:53 am, Tim Howard <> wrote:
> B.H. Cramer wrote:
> > "Kenneth McVay OBC" <> wrote in message
> >
> >>
> > That's the way, faigelah. Engage in character assassination and ignore
> > the message.
> > How typically yid of you.
> The likes of William Pierce have no character.  He was a violent-minded
> bigot.  Too bad he didn't die a long time ago.

You're being trolled.
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