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David Loewen
2003-07-08 18:45:19 EST
If you're interested in owning your own business, but don't trust MLM
and don't want to spend a small fortune to get going, this may be just
what you're after!

Turn key websites that are GUARANTEED to make you money! How much faith
do I have in these businesses? How does 10X YOUR MONEY BACK after one
year sound? If these websites aren't making you $XXXX.XX per month (it
varies from site to site, but $3500 - $4500 per month is typical),
you'll get 10X your initial investment back.

"Okay," you may be asking. "But what's the initial investment?" How does
as little as $50 strike you? Most sites are $199, a few as high as $350.
But with GUARANTEED incomes of up to $6500 per month, it's a small
price! Especially when you consider the other benefits.

"So, what else do I get?" Your website will receive FREE web hosting for
life! You also receive FREE technical support for life, as well. And, to
help jump start your marketing and your profits, your site will be
submitted to 100,000 search engines and receive 100,000 unique visitors
for FREE!

"And how much work do I have to do?" NOTHING! These sites practically
run themselves! All ordering and shipping is handled automatically. Have
a problem with the site? E-mail technical support and they'll deal with
it themselves. I do recommend some marketing on your part (the more
extra marketing you do, the high your profits will be!), but it's not
necessary. And if you're not sure what to do or where to go to market
your website, it can be done for you! (A small fee may apply, see the
website for more details.) And you don't even have to do any selling.

This is not MLM. The website is YOURS, and the profits are YOURS.

For more information, or to see what websites are available, visit

Joe Kamenar
2005-07-18 12:08:20 EST
"FREE Software, Music, Movies and TV Shows! Download all the software,
music, movies, and TV shows you want absolutely free! Over 3000 commercial
software titles are available for the download. You can also find all your
favorite movies, music and TV shows. My "Insider Report" will tell you
exactly where to find three websites that the software and entertainment
industries would like to see go away. For details on how to fill your PC
with software, movies, music and TV shows, go to http://WebMall.net/free

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