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A Great Onestop Spot
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2006-02-07 01:21:52 EST
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Here is a site that was definitely worth checking out at!

Keran Hyde
2007-08-28 07:57:35 EST
Man I just got the most killer PC! Several of my friends have Alienware
machines but I took a chance on this small custom built company called
"SuperargoNET" and now all of my buds are jealous! This box is smokin'!
Blows their slow ass dinosaurs away! The web site I ordered from is I got the "Titanium M.A.N."
(couldn't afford the Crimson Dynamo) but I am way satisfied! They shipped it
to me free as well. Took four weeks and three days to arrive ready to go. I
play America's Army a lot and it's just plain smooth as glass. I was unsure
about the 64bit version of XP but they told me I could substitute just about
any version of Windows and even Linux if I had wanted too.Check them out if
you've got the money to spend. It's worth every penny!

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