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VAX 730 Stuff Wanted
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William Thomas Daugustine
1991-03-03 18:15:42 EST

I am looking for a coupla things for my VAX 730:

One 1mb memory board (M8750?)
And hopefully a VAX 730 processor ref. guide.

Billy D'Augustine

Mike Santangelo
1991-03-04 14:18:34 EST
In article <39782@cup.portal.com>, Azog-Thoth@cup.portal.com (William Thomas Daugustine) writes:
>I am looking for a coupla things for my VAX 730:
>One 1mb memory board (M8750?)

1MB boards are MS750-CA equivalent (e.g. same 1MB boards in an 11/750)

>And hopefully a VAX 730 processor ref. guide.

Huh? Let me know if you find this too. I have the Hardware Handbook for
11/730's 11/750's and 11/780's, this has a good bit of info, but am always
looking for more.

>Billy D'Augustine

Some 3rd party DEC resellers are selling 11/730 parts (and whole 11/730's)
REAL cheap (WELL under $1K). Might want to check this out. MS750-CA's
can be had for between $200 and $300 too from same sources, check out
Bell Atlantic Computer Products for memory. Check our Midwest Systems
and Brookvale Assoc. for rest. Good luck.

(fellow owner of his own VAX 11/730, "Hell, it keeps the basement warm")
Michael F. Santangelo + Inet: mike@uc780.umd.edu
VMS / UNIX Systems + mike@socrates.umd.edu
Academic Computing UMUC + Bnet: MIKE@UC780
(The University of Maryland, + MIKE@UMUC (not visited often)
University College) +<Your clever net-phrase here>
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