Wanted Discussion: CMS Hardcard In PC 6300+, Help

CMS Hardcard In PC 6300+, Help
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Dave Tutelman
1990-11-24 11:01:40 EST

I'm trying to add hard-disk capacity to my AT&T PC 6300 PLUS,
in the form of a 32 MB CMS Hardcard Plus. So far, no luck.
And it's kind of hard without the manual (I got it used, no manual).
I need either:

- The phone number for CMS tech support, or
- Some help on settings to make it go.

The hardcard itself is a lashup of two standard components:
an ST138 disk drive and a WD 1002A-WX1 controller.

Also, in my unsuccessful attempts, I've managed to trash the low-level
format on the drive. That's OK (no data there anyway), but I can't
reformat it with any of the utilities I've used so far (OnTrack Disk
Manager, OPTIM, or AT&T's own LOWFORM). I suspect, but I'm not certain,
that it'll be better once I get the right configuration.

Any suggestions? Even just encouragement?

Thanks in advance.
| Dave Tutelman |
| Physical - AT&T Bell Labs - Lincroft, NJ |
| Logical - ...att!pegasus!dmt == dmt@pegasus.att.com |
| Audible - (201) 576 2194 |

J. Luce
1990-11-28 15:57:26 EST

I believe any WD controllers for the XT type machine (8 bit card) has
the same way to low level format. Go into debug and at the - prompt:


and that will bring up the low level formatter. Don't forget to
FDISK then FORMAT it after it is done.
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