Wanted Discussion: Mac II Internal 3.5" HD Mounting Info Wanted

Mac II Internal 3.5" HD Mounting Info Wanted
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Jacob Ben-david Zimmerman
1990-08-21 13:56:15 EST
I have a Mac II with an internal 5.25" 40meg HD. I have recently
acquired a somewhat flaky but possibly still functional 20meg internal
3.5" HD from a Mac SE. What do I need to mount this in one of the
floppy bays on my Mac II? I would presume the following: a power cord
splitter, a SCSI y-connector and a mounting bracket. Is this correct?
Lastly, can anyone give me any pointers to finding the materials I would
need? Thanks very much!

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Tim W Smith
1990-08-23 04:16:38 EST
You don't need mounting brackets. Note that the bottom of the drive
contains approximately four holes that can be used to attach screws.
These are used to attach the drive to mounting brackets on the bottom.
(There are also holes on the side for side mounting, although these
do not concern us here).

If you drill four holes in the plate in the Mac II that supports the
second floppy, you can (assuming reasonable aim with the drill...)
simply mount the drive right on the plate with four screws.

Another approach might be to get some mounting tape and simply tape the
drive to the plate, if you are not handy with a drill.

Credit for this idea goes to David Ramsey. I asked this same question
on Compuserve, and Ramsey said that most of the companies that sold
mounting brackets had stopped doing so, and then he suggested the
drilling idea.

Be sure you get your jumpers and terminators right before using
this method, though, because it is a major hassle to get the
ddrive out again.

Tim Smith
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