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Computer Discussion Forums
Comp. Groups Description Posts
Comp. Admin. Policy
Discussions of site administration policies. 1,809
Comp. Ai
Artificial Intelligence. (Moderated) 4,344
Comp. Ai. Alife
Research about artificial life. 3,198
Comp. Ai. Doc - Analysis. Misc
General document understanding technologies. 547
Comp. Ai. Doc - Analysis. Ocr
OCR research, algorithms and software. 1,118
Comp. Ai. Edu
Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Education. 1,973
Comp. Ai. Fuzzy
Fuzzy set theory, aka fuzzy logic. 3,535
Comp. Ai. Games
Artificial intelligence in games and game-playing. 2,949
Comp. Ai. Genetic
Genetic algorithms in computing. 5,579
Comp. Ai. Jair. Announce
Comp Ai Jair Announce 104
Comp. Ai. Nat - Lang
Natural language processing by computers. 6,583
Comp. Ai. Neural - Nets
All aspects of neural networks. 18,675
Comp. Ai. Philosophy
Philosophical aspects of Artificial Intelligence. 207,138
Comp. Ai. Shells
Expert systems and other artificial intelligence shells. 833
Comp. Answers
Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated) 11,918
Comp. Apps
Comp Apps 112
Comp. Apps. Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets on various platforms. 3,574
Comp. Arch
Computer architecture. 104,469
Comp. Arch. Arithmetic
Implementing arithmetic on computers/digital systems. 4,515
Comp. Arch. Bus. Vmebus
Hardware and software for VMEbus Systems. 451
Comp. Arch. Embedded
Embedded computer systems topics. 152,487
Comp. Arch. Embedded. Picbasic
Comp Arch Embedded Picbasic 112
Comp. Arch. Embedded. Piclist
Comp Arch Embedded Piclist 560
Comp. Arch. Fpga
Field Programmable Gate Array based computing systems. 245,030
Comp. Arch. Hobbyist
Homebrew digital electronics design. (Moderated) 185
Comp. Archives. Admin
Issues relating to computer archive administration. 204
Comp. Archives. Msdos. Announce
Comp Archives Msdos Announce 651
Comp. Archives. Msdos. D
Discussion of materials available in MSDOS archives. 259
Comp. Archives. Ms - Windows. Announce
Comp Archives Ms Windows Announce 360
Comp. Arch. Storage
Storage system issues, both hardware and software. 10,815

19,627,505 Posts in 897 Comp Groups

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